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Waiting For Mother's Geraniums.

Mother's geraniums carved
by a galaxy of frost
on window panes
my name a question mark
finger-painted among the stars
Another harsh winter
of Beijing.
(I'd have preferred) the fragrance of fall
Father's hands curled tin sheets
into chimney
I sealed them with two-year old newsprints
flashing a young chairman's face
his rosy eulogy and a forest
of black-armband-salutes
yellowed in flour paste
Pink on Father's cowshed
prison floor when his ulcers
black ice scooping up curious
eyes shinning across the hall,
left, right, and center
I didn't know why
I didn't know where
I didn't know when
he was taken, gone
an army of ants raged
through cracked winter earth,
wilted geranium leaves
turned and turned
in search for the missing
that map of veins
blooming down Mother's back
made me quiet
let a basin of shattered
mirrors do the talking
I buried her geraniums
behind the house on top
of the goldfish the Red Guards
killed for their imperial
names and coloring. Pale young faces
blooming part soldier, part fervor,
part revolutionary ghosts under
lonely red stars
pale sickled moon
A month, and two. Then rain,
rivulets bellowed on roofs
courtyards and fortresses
dissipating sky's gray silts
my ears seashell hollow
then filled.
the sound of cherries creeping
awake from long winter's sleep
Father's steps on Cobblestone lanes
Mother's geraniums starred
Over wrinkled soil, her indigo
eyes blooming two puddles
Of blues joining their mouths--Father's & hers
I washed the winter mud
caking his shoes
ready to split
ready to be born.
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Author:Lan, Pingmei
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:9CHIN
Date:Sep 22, 2019
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