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Wait for the truth.

``WE will never give up and we will never stop,don't worry about that!''

Defiant and,for many, reassuring words from Phil Hammond, the new chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

And yet,after 15 hard years of campaigning, there is only so much that the group -and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign -can do themselves.

After taking so much positive action, there is now an element of waiting -and it could be the crucial element in the fight for justice.

Phil,55,from Aigburth, who lost a 14-year-son,Philip junior, in the disaster,explains: ``We are waiting for someone to come forward and tell the truth.

``We just want the full story. I think it will come out,although maybe not in my lifetime. But people will get to the truth eventually.''

He adds: ``I have been secretary of the HFSG, which has 68 member families,for 15 years and vice-chairman/secretary for five years,and I'mhappy to be the new chairman. I still want to be involved''.

Phil,however,believes that the families may be more powerful if there was just one group,as opposed to two. The Hillsborough Justice Campaign,formed in early 1998, was started by bereaved father John Glover, survivor Peter Carney and actor Ricky Tomlinson after disagreements about the direction the HFSG was going in.

But says Phil: ``We didn't want survivors in the group -just bereaved families. I understand the survivors.

But let them have their own group and do their own thing''.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 14, 2004
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