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Wah Nobel - a perspective.

Wah Nobel, a subsidiary of Pakistan Ordnance Factories, is a joint venture between Bofors Explosives AB of Sweden and the Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Set up in 1962, it produces high quality commercial explosives and accessories that enjoy the highest reputation both at home and abroad. The raw materials for its explosives are totally indigenous while it utilises the largest state of the art technology. The products of Wah nobel have relieved the country from the burden of import of all commercial explosives. Wah Nobel is proud of its contribution to projects of national importance like the Mangla Dam, Tarbela Dam, Karakoram Highway, as well as all ongoing important development projects in the construction, communication and mining industries. In order to keep abreast of the latest developments in its field, the company is continuously improving and expanding its facilities in close association with its principals, Bofors Explosives.

The manufacture of explosive is a sensitive business where safety and quality are of paramount importance. The management of Wah Nobel is continuously involved in improving safety and quality. During the past three decades Wah Nobel have acquired a wealth of experience in the safe operation of explosives manufacturing plants, storage and transportation facilities. Our customers know that they are getting a safe product and technical service so vital in this business.

Initially Wah Nobel established the facilities for the production of nitroglycerine based gelatinous/semi gelatinous and powder explosive originally invented by Alfred Nobel of Sweden. The raw materials for these explosives were available from POFs and hence Wah Nobel's production factory was located within the defence establishment of POFs. The plants for manufacturing Safety Fuse, Detonating Cord and Emulsion Explosives were added later to provide customers with a complete range of explosives/accessories.

Production of commercial explosives and accessories has been the main business of the Company for thirty years. During 1983 the management decided to diversify by installing facilities for production of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde based resins by incorporating a public limited company under the title of Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited.

Wah Nobel is engaged in production and marketing of formaldehyde based resins for use as a bonding agent in chipboard, plywood and flush door manufacturing industries. The company has two units, one for producing formaldehyde from methanol and the other for urea phenol formaldehyde liquid resins. Successful experiments were conducted to develop the foundry resin for cold setting. It is also engaged in the erection of plants, civil construction and trading activities. Capacity was raised by 25% for formaldehyde.

The technology for these plants was obtained from M/s Perstorp AB of Sweden and M/s Foresa of Spain. By the grace of Allah these plants are running well supplying high quality resins to all parts of the country. The financial health of the company can be gauged from the fact that its share of Rs. 10 had peaked around Rs. 44 on both the stock exchanges of the country.
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Author:Pirzada, Hamayun
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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