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Satellite images reveal good news for penguins: tracking a bellwether species of penguin offers insights on Antarctica's ecology. Nov 1, 2014 373
Democratizing capital: the future will become even more unevenly distributed. Book review Nov 1, 2014 963
Vocabulary Building for Foresight Professionals. Book review Nov 1, 2014 139
Of time machines and foresight garages. Editorial Sep 1, 2014 396
Visionaries and their visions. Jul 1, 2014 419
Learning from our mistakes. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 460
Best predictions of the year: proceed with caution. Jan 1, 2014 389
Debating the Singularity: What it is, whether it's coming, and how it will affect us are all subjects for debate among leading futurists in this documentary. Nov 1, 2013 698
The case of the disappearing future. Editorial Sep 1, 2013 325
Preview of things to come in July! A WorldFuture sneak peek. Jul 1, 2013 332
Dancing with the crowds: an audience-engagement idea taken to the next step leads to a crowdsourced ballet. Jul 1, 2013 616
Robot workers and human jobs. Editorial May 1, 2013 392
Building better minds--and what to do with them. Editorial Mar 1, 2013 383
Greed doesn't work, but cooperation is in short supply. Editorial Jan 1, 2013 379
Integrated interfaces for intelligent furnishings: "smart furniture" means comfortable, warm, and no need to hunt for the remote. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 188
All disquiet on the Western civilization front? Editorial Nov 1, 2012 375
The rise of mChurches: from mega to mobile: communicating with congregations in the social-media era challenges church leaders. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 230
The long future is now. Editorial Sep 1, 2012 429
Connected: a future that's better than we think? Jul 1, 2012 350
Waterways to connect communities: a program to develop rivers and lakes will promote local stewardship and tourism. Jul 1, 2012 365
Toward better space-weather forecasts: scientists hope to help avert devastating impacts of solar outbursts. Mar 1, 2012 327
The best predictions of the year: a review. Jan 1, 2012 299
Unwasted energy: physicists seek ways to harvest "junk" energy in the environment. Nov 1, 2011 390
The search for global solutions: moving from vision to action: what does it take to get an idea launched or a problem solved? At the World Future Society's 2011 conference, the answer was inspiration, collaboration, and the energy of forward-thinking people. Nov 1, 2011 2560
Wordbuzz: Jobsolescence: as the U.S. Space shuttle program ended, Twitterers pondered the future for a special class of professionals. Nov 1, 2011 447
Humans and robots: a friendly rivalry? Column Sep 1, 2011 337
Dealing with data. Jul 1, 2011 385
Editorial mission of the futurist. Editorial May 1, 2011 345
The Futurist Playlist: the future has been the subject of awe, fear, hope, cynicism, and inspiration, reflecting our changing relationship with what may be ahead. Mar 1, 2011 1157
Forecasting (and inventing) future careers. Jan 1, 2011 332
Emerging careers and how to create them. Jan 1, 2011 2291
Looking back at looking ahead. Column Nov 1, 2010 368
Sustainable futures, strategies, and technologies: at the World Future Society's 2010 annual meeting in Boston, minds meet and futures happen. Nov 1, 2010 3784
Renewal for the future--and the futurist. Sep 1, 2010 239
U.S.-Canadian health disparities: researchers seek reasons why Canadians are healthier than Americans. Sep 1, 2010 444
Tried and True: Technological Transformation, from paper to disk to cloud: are the technologies for storing your vital information becoming inaccessible? Keep track of changes in media before your memory gets erased. Sep 1, 2010 637
The Future then and now: electronic newspapers: when futurists were first outlining scenarios for electronic news delivery, they didn't foresee the overwhelming demand for interactivity, nor the consequences of competing information sources. Jul 1, 2010 695
Toward a more visionary outlook. May 1, 2010 342
Homosexuality and family formation: more-accurate counting of same-sex parents may improve social services. May 1, 2010 1031
Film's immortals: forever young and in 3-D: the technical achievements of filmmakers like James Cameron, director of Avatar, suggest that futurists' predictions are close to coming true. May 1, 2010 519
Managing tomorrow's ultra-diverse workforce. Editorial Mar 1, 2010 238
Vertical farming; an idea whose Time has come back Like all our precious resources, good ideas should be reclaimed and recycled. Urban agriculture is one such good idea now made new again. Mar 1, 2010 418
Visions and visionaries for 2020. Jan 1, 2010 183
The Dymaxion dream reincarnate: Volkswagen showcases the "purposeful aesthetics" of earth-friendly design. Jan 1, 2010 425
Innovation and Creativity in a Complex World: attendees at the World Future Society's 2009 annual conference in Chicago learned new ways to understand and manage complexity. Nov 1, 2009 3797
New ways of making war. Editorial Sep 1, 2009 332
Radical measures to save species: extreme strategies may help win the race against rapid climate change. Sep 1, 2009 370
Africa, Latin America seek fiscal reforms: in a global economic crisis, the developing world finds itself on its own. Sep 1, 2009 693
Bad attitudes, bad business: professors warn that greed may be bad, but envy is worse. Sep 1, 2009 615
Sifting trends out of clouds of data. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 284
Better futures for world's mothers: innovative transportation solutions could help save lives. Jul 1, 2009 440
Iceless Arctic summers by 2040? Arctic warming may enable more travel, but at what price? Jul 1, 2009 362
Internet fraud on the rise: spike in Internet crime complaints concerns U.S. law enforcement. Jul 1, 2009 440
Visualizing data: beauty, speed, accuracy--data visualization opens our eyes to new scientific understanding. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 179
How to play a wild card. May 1, 2009 334
Wild cards in our Future. Brief article May 1, 2009 309
Forecasts in hindsight: the managing editor of THE FUTURIST reflects on issues that mattered in the past--and that still matter today. May 1, 2009 757
Getting practical about the future. Editorial Mar 1, 2009 264
Stopping the use of child soldiers: slow progress is being made in ending the use of children in combat. Mar 1, 2009 490
Racial prejudice declines in Britain; increased heterogeneity spurs increased racial tolerance. Mar 1, 2009 494
When mentors and mentees switch roles: baby boomers and millennials must learn to teach each other. Jan 1, 2009 585
Investing in water. Jan 1, 2009 336
A "Silent Spring" draws closer: the disappearance of many common birds from our everyday lives bodes ill for the future of the global environment. Jan 1, 2009 372
Seeing the future through multiple eyes. Nov 1, 2008 398
Flying cars, undersea living, teletransport, and other "Iconic" futures. Editorial Sep 1, 2008 356
Beaming data across the cosmos. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 180
Beating the cyberbullies; Targets of taunting need help turning the tables on tormentors. Survey Sep 1, 2008 951
Why Are We Here?; The World Future Society asked its members to describe their experiences in realizing the importance of taking an active interest in the future. Here are a few of their responses. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 242
Tomorrow in briefs: specially engineered undergarments promote healthy circulation. Jul 1, 2008 293
Hot spots for carbon dioxide researchers map America's major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Jul 1, 2008 533
Water and violence: are scarcity and conflict connected? May 1, 2008 301
Playing your own tune: new tools will soon allow audiophiles to listen to music less passively. May 1, 2008 555
Progress report on discrimination against women: women still have a long way to go, a UN committee reports. May 1, 2008 443
New clocks: it's about time; The race is on to build the world's most-accurate clocks. May 1, 2008 478
China's eco-city: model for urban sustainability; Zero-emission cities are within our technological reach. Now, an experimental "eco-city" near Shanghai will help create the necessary blueprints for the greening of the future metropolis. May 1, 2008 385
What's going on, what does it mean? Editorial Mar 1, 2008 346
Climate change and global conflicts: "cold" wars have existed throughout history; heat wars are next. Mar 1, 2008 716
U.S. competitiveness shows weakness: even the strongest economies must beware of potential crises. Mar 1, 2008 442
Fighting noncommunicable diseases: diseases that are the most fatal are also largely preventable. Mar 1, 2008 465
Lunar habitat gets antarctic test: South Pole's extreme environment is ideal for testing lunar habitat. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 243
High-tech service for hotel guests: check into a gadget lab, where room services are at your fingertips. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 263
Disconnectivity demonstrated: who we are and what we see are both becoming increasingly ambiguous in the digitally mediated world. Mar 1, 2008 350
Good news, bad news, and your news. Editorial Jan 1, 2008 336
Anticipating Wild Cards in world affairs: how to avoid being blindsided by the future. Jan 1, 2008 1003
Girls' education: key to "virtuous circle"; Schooling offers many payoffs for girls and society in developing nations. Jan 1, 2008 446
The economic value of nonprofit organizations: just how "profitable" are nonprofits? Jan 1, 2008 455
Poetry in the digital age: can electronics charm the elusive muse of poetry? Jan 1, 2008 418
How to catch a falling civilization. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 259
Tracking government performance: while many nations have improved effectiveness, others have deteriorated. Nov 1, 2007 452
Thinking globally, acting locally, living personally: the exuberance of youth tempered by the perspective of experience made for a practical, action-oriented atmosphere at WorldFuture 2007. Nov 1, 2007 2805
Predicting panic: when does a crowd become a mob? And what can public safety and security professionals do to predict, prevent, or control it? A geographer shows how motion and emotion mix. Nov 1, 2007 517
Scenario thinking and strategic planning. Sep 1, 2007 354
How to buy happiness: choosing between stuff and experiences. Sep 1, 2007 564
Valuing a company's innovators. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 276
Germany to build a Chinatown: could creating a new community create more cultural understanding? Sep 1, 2007 345
Restoring mother Nature's Capital: nature's services are not as "free as the air we breathe.". Sep 1, 2007 509
Great plains grasslands at risk. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 258
Actions for building better futures. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 300
Society. Jul 1, 2007 472
Demography. Jul 1, 2007 479

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