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Wads over powder.

Q: am loading 240-grain lead semi-wadcutters over 6.3 grains Unique for my Rossi Model 720 3-inch barrel .44 Special and I notice unburned grains of powder after firing. The cases are less than half full of powder. Would it help burn all the powder if I inserted wads cut out of polystyrene foam meat trays until the wad touches the powder? Would use of the wads give higher velocity to the bullets? Is the use of wads in small loads a good subject for a reloading article?

Bill Olasz

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A: Unburnt powder is a nuisance, and can get under the extractor star preventing the cylinder from closing on a recharge. The use of wads in pistol ammo is unwise nonetheless. Since most ammo will go nose down into the box, you risk the wad displacing and becoming an obstruction during transportation. All pistol powders are designed to be used in these large cases without filler. Alliant Unique and Bullseye remain two of my favorite powders for handguns, and the reformulations make them cleaner burning. Newer powders such as Hodgdon Clays and TiteGroup among others burn cleanly and efficiently leaving little residue.

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Date:May 5, 2016
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