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Wachusett Winter Ale Wachusett Brewing Co. Westminster, MA.

Our top holiday pick in New England, so far. A holiday/winter seasonal that relies on malt for flavor, without spicing it up. A fruity, toffeeish nose, leading into a malty body, marked by rich caramel and toffee. Another well-made beer by Wachusett.

"Ale esters in the nose, fruity, a note of strawberry," said Gregg Glaser.

"Mostly malt in the nose," said Damian Brown.

"Malt centric, and a little on the sweet side," said Tom Conti. "Speaking for myself, I'd like more hop in this, but at least there are no spices."

"A low IBU beer," Gregg Glaser noted, "but nice and malty; caramelly, and nutty. This is a good one."

"Roast grains in the body, and a little smoke," said Frank Fermino. "Finishes well, malty and clean."

"Interesting nutty finish," Damian Brown commented. "I like it. A good beer for after dinner, by the fire."
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Title Annotation:Winter seasonals, a first taste
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 2, 2011
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