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 Goddess, I want to kill you
 so you won't move.
 But I weigh six pounds
 and for now hold on to you
 for my goddamn life.

 Help me, abandoner:
 I can't control you.
 If only I could rise from this
 powder-scented cage.

 I'd sharpen these tiny nails
 to claws, unsheath my teeth
 from these soft gums, leap
 upon you, tear you open

 and suck you dry, you abhorrent
 package of pure love--
 force your attention
 on the purity of my desire--curse

 how you unthinkingly withhold
 what I want with every atom
 of my freshfallenness
 with your casual, easy look

Sonnet L'Abbe's first collection of poetry, A Strange Relief, was published by McClelland and Stewart in 2001. She recently finished her second book of poems, Killarnoe, from which the poems that appear here are taken. L'Abbe, whose fiction and poetry have been internationally anthologized, also teaches writing at the University of Toronto and writes reviews for The Globe and Mail. She is currently at work on her first novel, Americatown.
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Author:L'Abbe, Sonnet
Publication:Literary Review of Canada
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2006
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