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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Wyse Technology Inc., the world's leading terminals manufacturer, today announced a feature-rich family of high performance RISC based color and monochrome X terminals. The WX series, based on the MIPS R3000 processor, achieves up to 100,000 XStones performance, 1280 x 1024 display resolution, 64MB of display memory and offers ergonomic compact packaging while keeping system costs low. In addition, flexible architecture makes it possible to add future multimedia and communication enhancements.
 "Along with our distributor partners, we have been analyzing the development of the X market for the past two years," said Art Lipton, senior vice president and general manager of terminals and displays at Wyse. "Now that X Windows has become accepted by the commercial UNIX market, we believe a significant opportunity exists for us to meet market needs with a family of products that provides the same heritage in quality, innovation, ergonomic design and performance that have become synonymous with Wyse in the ASCII terminals market."
 Wyse Offers Optimum Industry Standard X Features
 The WX series includes five models -- three color models available in 15, 17 and 19 inch displays and two monochrome models available in 17 and 19 inch displays. Each system is equipped with Ethernet interfaces which support standard Ethernet protocols, including TCP/IP and DECnet. Users can choose from a combination of Thicknet and Thinnet, or Thicknet and Twisted Pair to connect Wyse X terminals to different Ethernet networks. Two serial ports are available for printer and host connections.
 Wyse X terminals run on all standard UNIX platforms, such as Sun Microsystems SPARCStations, Hewlett Packard 9000, IBM RS/6000, Digital Equipment Corporation VAX, VMS, Ultrix and Alpha, and SCO Open Desktop and are aimed at users in finance, health care, insurance, real estate, process control, CAD/CAM and manufacturing industries.
 Wyse will continue to work exclusively through third parties, including distributors, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). "Unlike our competitors, Wyse will remain committed to the channel and not sell directly to end users," said Dave Forter, X program manager at Wyse. "This will avoid competitive selling against our third party partners and ensure end- users continuous product availability with a wide range of applicants."
 Fully Equipped With Local Clients
 Wyse X terminals come with a complete package of local clients such as terminal emulators, Telnet clients, network print spoolers and Window Managers, including Openlook, the SUN oriented Window manager, and OSF Motif. A Notepad client is also available to allow users to cut and paste between applications running on different hosts.
 The new X terminals offer NFS Font Support, Sun Microsystem's Network File System protocol, for allowing its X terminals to access font files residing on designated hosts.
 Added Convenience of Flash Memory
 Wyse offers optional Flash memory to eliminate the need to download host-based bootup commands. In addition, when a server upgrade is needed, server code can be installed on a central host and users can update it quickly with a built-in utility that downloads the new code. Up to 10MB of Flash Memory are available to store server codes.
 Investment Protection Ensured
 To protect customers' long term investments, Wyse has provided auxiliary features to meet future computing needs. A PCMCIA port, which has been designed into the line, supports add-on memory devices. It can also be used for future PCMCIA services such as wireless LAN communications, fax modem and Ethernet connections. Wyse has also provided input and output audio capability. Users will be able to send audio files across the network. By attaching microphones to the audio input port, users will also be able to annotate messages.
 Standard ANSI terminal emulations, as well as 102-key Enhanced PC, 103-key International EPC, 105-key ANSI (VT220), 101-key ASCII, 107-key Enhanced ANSI (VT-420) keyboards are also available.
 Uncompromising Wyse Ergonomics
 WX series terminals meet the same quality and ergonomic standards found in all Wyse terminal and display products. WX terminals are modular with small base units combined with compact Wyse monitors and therefore occupy minimal desk space. Each model complies with a range of safety, emissions and ergonomic standards worldwide, including the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9241-3 user interface requirements. Display features include a 72Hz refresh rate for flicker- free viewing to avoid eye strain, 256 colors on a flat screen, plus detachable keyboards for added user comfort.
 Wyse X terminals are available immediately in North America and Europe. For more information call Wyse Technology at 800-GET-WYSE. Suggested retail prices for the family of Wyse X terminals are as follows:
 Model Description Suggested List Price
 WX-19C 19" Color $3995
 WX-17C 17" Color $3495
 WX-15C 15" Color $2395
 WX-19M 19" Monochrome $2395
 WX-17M 17" Monochrome $2095
 Wyse Technology Inc. is a leading supplier of microprocessor-based products, which include terminals, monitors and open systems-based clients and multiprocessor servers. The company sells its products through distributors, value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in San Jose, Wyse operates sales offices across the United States and Europe and in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.
 NOTE: WYSE is a registered trademark of Wyse Technology Inc. Digital Equipment Corp. is a registered trademark. DECnet, LAT and VMS are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories Inc. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corp. Sun Microsystems is a registered trademark. IBM is a registered trademark. The Santa Cruz Operation is a registered trademark. Hewlett Packard is a registered trademark.
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 /CONTACT: Elizabeth Bellock of Wyse, 408-473-2015; or Shelly Gordon of Thomas Associates, 415-325-6236, for Wyse/

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