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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ --Wyse Technology Inc. announced today that it is shipping the Santa Cruz Operation Inc.'s (SCO) MPX Release 3.0 multiprocessor extension, bundled with the Wyse Series 7000i multiprocessing platform. SCO MPX takes advantage of the Wyse Series 7000i's ability to scale performance up to five CPUs, as business requirements grow.
 "Companies extending their SCO-based applications to enterprisewide solutions will appreciate the powerful combination of the Series 7000i multiprocessing system and SCO MPX," said Aziz Valliani, vice president and general manager of Wyse's Systems Division. "By adding SCO MPX to our line of pre-installed multiprocessing operating systems, we are reinforcing our steadfast commitment to provide the optimum choices in open systems platforms that meet today's enterprise computing needs."
 "The flexibility of SCO MPX and Wyse's multiprocessing performance in the client/server environment provide users the best of both worlds in operating systems and hardware as a database server and for other business critical applications," said Sam Spadafora, senior vice president and general manager of SCO's worldwide field operations. "SCO MPX can fully harness the power of Wyse's SMP architecture. The system delivers true linear scalability, peak performance and reliability to SCO users."
 SCO MPX and Wyse Series 7000i: A Robust Solution
 The Series 7000i solution offers a linearly scalable multiprocessing operating system and server platform with automatic CPU load balancing and dynamic disk caching, resulting in faster throughput. The robust combination with SCO MPX offers one of the most compelling price/performance curves available in today's industry. By using a 64-bit wide, asynchronous zero wait state bus, the Series 7000i can utilize the maximum performance levels of Intel 80486 processors and Wyse's forthcoming Pentium processor upgrade boards. Moreover, the Wyse server can accommodate up to 250 users.
 SCO MPX maintains 100 percent binary and source compatibility with SCO's family of operating system products including SCO Open Server Enterprise System, SCO Open Server Network System, SCO UNIX and SCO Open Desktop System. As a result, existing applications can run on the Wyse Series 7000i without any modification.
 Wyse Open Systems Offerings
 Since August, Wyse has been shipping SCO UNIX System V Release 3.2 Version 4.2 on the Wyse Series 6000i and Series 7000i servers. Last month, Wyse expanded its server line with introduction of the entry- level Series 3000i, also available pre-installed with SCO UNIX. The company also offers SCO Open Desktop Lite Release 3.0 pre-installed on its client families, the Wyse Decision 486si with industry standard architecture (ISA) and the Wyse Decision 486se with extended industry standard architecture (EISA).
 SCO MPX now joins the line of multiprocessing operating systems ported and certified to run on Wyse server platforms, including UNIX SVR4, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server and Sunsoft Solaris. Wyse's Decision desktop products and uniprocessors are certified for Microsoft DOS, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Univel UnixWare, Novell Netware, Banyan Vines, SCO UNIX, IBM OS/2 and Sunsoft Solaris.
 Wyse's symmetric multiprocessing architecture also is available in the form of chip sets and board sets and is fully compatible with SCO MPX. The availability of Wyse's technology allows OEMs to quickly go to market with a symmetric multiprocessing system.
 Pricing and Availability of SCO MPX-based Wyse Servers
 The Series 7000i Model 760MP symmetric multiprocessing system, which can scale up to five CPUs and exceeds 200 million instruction per second (MIPS) of performance, is available today configured with SCO UNIX and MPX at an estimated selling price starting at $23,995. The Series 7000i Model 740MP, which scales up to three CPUs and performs at a rate of 81 MIPS, is available at an estimated selling price of $14,695.
 Wyse will provide a period of free telephone support for SCO MPX shipped on the Series 7000i for resellers and distributors. All Series servers include a one-year on-site service. Decision client systems include a one-year warranty; on-site upgrades are also available.
 SCO provides open systems software for Intel CPU-based computers. SCO products are available in more than 70 countries around the world.
 Wyse Systems Division is committed to supplying industry-standard, client/server computing solutions for open operating systems environments, including USG and SCO UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT. Its broad product offerings include multiprocessing chip sets, client systems and uniprocessor and symmetric multiprocessor servers that feature price/performance advantages. In addition to distribution, Wyse systems are sold through value-added resellers who create customized turnkey solutions for the commercial systems environment.
 Wyse Technology is a leading independent supplier of microprocessor- based products, which include terminals, monitors and open systems-based clients and multiprocessor servers. The company sells its products through distributors, value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in San Jose, Wyse operates sales offices across the United States and in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Europe.
 NOTE: The Santa Cruz Operation Inc., SCO, SCO MPX and Open Desktop are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. in the United States and other countries. MS-DOS, MS-Windows, MS-Windows for Workgroups, MS-Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. NetWare, UNIX, UnixWare and Univel are trademarks of Novell. Solaris is a trademark of SunSoft. Banyan Vines is a trademark of Banyan Systems. OS/2 is a trademark of IBM. WYSE is a registered trademark of Wyse Technology Inc.
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