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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Strengthening its commitment to value added resellers (VARs), Wyse Technology Inc. today introduced enhancements to its VAR Partner marketing and support programs. New features include substantial discounts of up to 25 percent off VAR pricing on multiprocessor servers and other product lines for vertical software application developers, aggressive pricing on demonstration equipment and additional sales and technical support programs. The new VAR Partner programs complement recent new product introductions, providing VARs with a complete line of products and programs necessary to succeed in today's competitive business environment.
 "For more than 12 years, Wyse has worked exclusively with VARs and distributors to provide users with complete and affordable computing solutions," said Joe Rowley, vice president of North American sales and channel marketing for Wyse. "Wyse does not sell direct to end users. We view our VARs as partners, not competitors. The goal of the new programs is to help our VARs succeed."
 The new programs apply to both indirect VARs who purchase from distributors and direct VARs who purchase from Wyse and apply to the company's entire product line.
 Substantial Discounts Offered
 Wyse's SMP servers are certified for the greatest number of multiprocessing operating systems. To promote software development in these operating environments, Wyse is offering developers aggressive discounts on Wyse servers. Developers porting or developing vertical applications for the following operating systems: USG UNIX SVR4, SCO MPX, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows NTAS, SunSoft Solaris MP and IBM OS/2 SMP, are eligible to receive discounts of up to 25 percent on multiprocessor servers. Discounts are offered on uniprocessor servers, for the above environments plus SCO UNIX, Univel UnixWare and Novell Netware. Client systems, monitors, terminals and terminal servers are also available at aggressive developer's prices.
 Furthermore, substantial discounts are offered on demonstration equipment which can be used for training, tradeshows and seminars. Discounts range from five to 15 percent off VAR pricing and apply to all Wyse products.
 In addition to discounts on development and demonstration equipment, indirect VARs may receive cash rebates of up to $750 off on Wyse servers. The cash rebates allow VARs the flexibility of using the funds as they need. Rebates may be used to purchase additional equipment, to hold seminars, to conduct direct, mail campaigns, etc.
 Technical Support and Sales Programs Expanded
 Wyse is offering VARs free technical support for the advanced operating systems that are pre-loaded on Wyse systems, including SCO UNIX, USG UNIX and Windows NT. Direct VARs receive unlimited software support and indirect VARs receive a period of free telephone support. VARs place only one call to Wyse for comprehensive hardware and software support. In addition for direct VARs, Wyse is now offering a 30-day money back guarantee on all server and client systems. The guarantee assists VARs by providing end users the assurance of a risk-free purchase.
 Configure-To-Order Program Saves VARs Time
 The new support programs join the existing Configure-To-Order program that allows VARs to specify size and type of system memory, cache, diskette drives and hard drives. A choice of operating system is also loaded and tested at the Wyse configuration center before the system is shipped to the VAR or directly to the end-user site.
 A new Joint Marketing Support program allows direct VARs to pursue pre-approved, strategic marketing opportunities with market development funds for activities such as telemarketing campaigns, tradeshows and advertising. Other new programs designed to assist VARs in selling Wyse products include customized sales tools. In the new Presentation-To- Order program for direct VARs, Wyse will create a customized presentation that effectively sells the VAR's solution. In addition, qualified VAR success stories will be created by Wyse and distributed in direct mailings, with additional copies supplied to the VAR.
 For more information on Wyse's VAR Partner program, call 800-GET-WYSE.
 Wyse Technology is a leading independent supplier of microprocessor- based products, which include terminals, monitors and open systems-based clients and multiprocessor servers. The company sells its products through distributors, value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in San Jose, Wyse operates sales offices across the United States and in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Europe.
 NOTE: OS/2 is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp. Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. UNIX, UnixWare and NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell Inc. The Santa Cruz Operation, SCO and SCO MPX are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. in the United States and other countries. Solaris is a trademark of SunSoft. WYSE is a registered trademark of Wyse Technology Inc.
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