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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Wyse Technology Inc., the world's leading terminals manufacturer, today introduced the WYSEnet line of terminal servers, the first in a series of network communications products. Available in four models, the WYSEnet terminal server family provides simple, low-cost solutions for connecting serial devices such as terminals, printers, modems and personal computers to an Ethernet network, as well as exceptional ease-of-use and installation features. Designed to support industry standard networking protocols, WYSEnet serves the broad general-purpose, multi-vendor server market, and meets the industry's growing demand for interoperability in networked environments.
 "With the experience we've gained by manufacturing and shipping more than five million terminals, Wyse understands the importance of reliable, high-quality serial communication," said Art Lipton, senior vice president and general manager of the Terminals and Display Products Division. "In view of the worldwide market trend in the growth of terminal-to-LAN connectivity, it's a natural evolution for us to share that expertise with our customers in this new line of terminal servers."
 Designed for Heterogeneous Networked Computing Environments
 The WYSEnet terminal server provides both value-added resellers and information system managers with a cost-effective, flexible solution for simplifying the eclectic networked computing configurations found in many companies. The WYSEnet terminal server is available in single and multiprotocol versions, supporting industry standard protocols such as Transmission Control Protocol Internet Packeting (TCP/IP), Local Area Transport (LAT), and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
 The WYSEnet terminal server is ideal for both UNIX and DEC VAX environments. The multiprotocol versions of WYSEnet, WN-5104 and WN-5108, are available with either four or eight ports and support TCP/IP running on UNIX hosts as well as DEC VMS systems running LAT.
 Easy to Install and Use
 With software already installed in the WYSEnet terminal server's Read Only Memory (ROM), installation is easier and faster than servers requiring that software be downloaded from a host with a tape or diskette. WYSEnet also features extensive on-line help and a step-by- step tutorial that makes installation easy and quick for system administrators and users alike.
 Users Benefit from the Industry's Latest Innovations
 Users benefit from new software innovations in the WYSEnet server that streamline their work. For example, although most terminals have multiple page capability, many terminal servers on the market today cause the user to lose the session data when changing sessions. When used with a Wyse terminal, the auto-page feature of WYSEnet allows the user to go back to a previous session without losing data. When operated in the Turbo Session Support Utility (TSSU) mode, WYSEnet allows the user to connect to both UNIX and DEC VMS hosts, display both sessions simultaneously on the WYSE WY-520 or compatible terminal using its split screen and manage data for faster throughput. The industrial design of WYSEnet is attractive and compact weighing only 5.2 pounds. When more than eight ports are required, WYSEnet servers come with spacers for stacking.
 Pricing and Availability
 The WYSEnet terminal server is available immediately in four configurations from Wyse North America distributors and value-added resellers. WYSEnet also comes with a five-year limited warranty within the country of purchase. The United States list prices are as follows:
 WN-5004 4-port TCP/IP $ 890
 WN-5008 8-port TCP/IP $1090
 WN-5104 4-port TCP/IP & LAT $ 990
 WN-5108 8-port TCP/IP & LAT $1290
 Wyse Technology is a leading supplier of micro-processor based products, which include terminals, monitors and open systems-based clients and multiprocessor servers. The company sells its products through distributors, value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in San Jose, Wyse operates sales offices across the United States and Europe and in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.
 NOTE: WYSE is a registered trademark, and WYSEnet and WY-520 are trademarks of Wyse Technology Inc. Digital Equipment Corp. is a registered trademark. VAX, VMS and LAT are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories Inc. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corp.
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