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WWE News: Sting To Debut Against Undertaker, CM Punk Or John Cena [VIDEO].

It won't be long before the much awaited Sting debut in the World Wrestling Entertainment unveils before our eyes.

Rumours are surfacing that the former star of numerous wrestling outfits such as the WWF,WCW and TNA, will be pitted against The Undertaker or John Cena in his return to the ring.

"It's now being said that while Sting is still almost 100-percent to come in to WWE, he won't be seen at least until 2015 and likely only in the lead up to 'WrestleMania 31'. There may be some tease of something before the 'Royal Rumble' to push that show," ( Cage Side Seats reports.

While the date is not ironed out, it is welcome news that one of the sport's most prominent figures is finally joining the outfit that can produce the biggest matches. The Undertaker is an enticing prospect but that match cannot happen yet this year as he is still on leave. John Cena is the more likely candidate as the Sting debut was earlier reported to ( include a CM Punk come back . CM Punk will play the role of a party crasher during the fight and possibly setup a rivalry.

Details are murky right now as the WWE is still undercided how to handle the entry of three new stars - Brock Lesnar, Sting and CM Punk. Below are the possibilities:

1. Sting vs. John Cena with CM Punk as party crasher

2. Sting vs. Undertaker with CM Punk as party crasher

3. Triple Threat match between Lesnar, Sting and CM Punk

4. Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns with CM Punk as Party Crasher

All of these scenarios will have fans salivating at the angles of new alliances and rivalries.

Talks of Sting debuting in WWE began in June when he appeared in the video game "WWE 2K15." The 15-time World Wrestling Champion intensified those rumours with an appearance at San Diego Comic-con, further fuelling speculations that he is set to enter the ring again. Both Cena and Undertaker already pronounced their agreement to take on Sting and the prospects listed above just shows the many paths the organization can take in promoting his return.

Aside from these, his followers are also in anticipation of his entrance gimmicks. Many are guessing that he will bring back his anticipated strobe lights accompanied by lighting and skull visuals to the tune of heavy metal music. The waiting game begins.

In the meantime, watch some highlights of Sting's colourful career:

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/Waxyhero)

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Date:Sep 10, 2014
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