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WUSF increases election coverage with partnership.

Thanks to a partnership between WUSF-TV Ch. 16 and WUSF 89.7, and WFLA-News Channel 8, the Tampa Tribune, and, Tampa Bay viewers and listeners were able to make more informed voting decisions this election season.


In addition to extensive coverage of the hottest local races and the amendments on WUSF 89.7, the stations and newspaper partnered to cover the senatorial race between Betty Castor and Mel Martinez. Election 2004: The Race for U.S. Senate aired on Monday, Oct. 18 on WUSF 89.7. Hosted by Carson Cooper, the show featured a roundtable discussion on the candidates, the importance of this specific race as it relates to the congressional balance of power, and how the Presidential election could potentially play a role in the race.

Roundtable panelists included Dr. Kiki Caruson of the University of South Florida, Dr. Aubrey Jewett of the University of Central Florida and Ken Rudin, NPR Political Editor. Following the roundtable discussion, WUSF 89.7 aired the NBC debate with Tim Russert as moderator.

By The People: A Town Hall Meeting was hosted by WFLA/News Channel 8 anchor Stacie Schaible. Immediately following the live debate, WUSF-TV Ch. 16 hosted By the People: A Town Hall Meeting. The half-hour special was hosted by WFLA/News Channel 8 anchor Stacie Schaible and featured a live studio audience consisting of community members and college students. The well-prepared audience shared questions, thoughts and opinions about the debate. In addition, Dr. Caruson and Dr. Jewett helped answer audience questions and put the candidate's answers into perspective.

"This was a marvelous example of local media companies coming together to provide a valuable service to the community during a very important election," says WUSF General Manager JoAnn Urofsky. More than 20,000 people watched the live town hall meeting broadcast on WUSF-TV Ch. 16. "As a public service media organization, we want to provide the most comprehensive election coverage for our listeners and viewers."
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Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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