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 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- WundaWeve(TM) Carpet, in a move to further strengthen its niche at the high end of the carpet business, has unveiled a gallery concept to drive its residential business into the 21st Century.
 The concept, Gallery of Floor Fashions(R), was just unveiled to the media and targeted dealers from across the nation at its premiere in Scottsdale, Ariz.
 WundaWeve plans to have 150-200 authorized dealers with protected distribution in place by late November.
 Regional, hands-on retail training seminars for owners and managers will be held from Nov. 29 - Dec. 14.
 "Dealers will be provided with a merchandising display concept, a marketing concept, dealer support and an ongoing sales training program unprecedented in the carpet industry," said WundaWeve CEO and President David S. Holt.
 "We're signing up a new breed of carpet retailers who meet a strict criteria agenda," Holt said. "They must share our vision of quality and service instead of a price-off philosophy. They must realize that WundaWeve is no longer in the carpet business, we're in the `floor fashion' business."
 According to Holt, there are two kinds of carpet retailers. One is volume and price driven. The other is quality and service driven. WundaWeve dealers fall into the latter category.
 "We've identified our target audience," said Holt.
 "They are style and fashion conscious. They drive a Lexus or some other status vehicle. They have impeccable tastes in home furnishings. They demand quality in every part of their lives."
 To reach this $75,000+ household income family, WundaWeve developed its Gallery of Floor Fashions concept -- a concept which takes dead aim at these 10 million+ households.
 Dealers are being offered a three pronged strategy.
 (1) Melody of Skills (Sales Training).
 WundaWeve has hired sales training expert Mike Moore and his Fresno, Calif., firm, Quality Skills Training, to produce the most comprehensive sales training program in the history of the industry.
 Melody of Skills is an 8 volume program, which extends through 1997. Each volume contains 3 video modules and accompanying workbooks and exams to be administered by owners and managers in their Gallery stores.
 Volume 1 will be presented at regional training seminars beginning Nov. 29 at sites in Dallas, Nashville, New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
 In-store training starts Dec. 27, facilitated by owners/managers and their WundaWeve Territory Manager.
 (2) Maestro's Gift (Dealer Support).
 Unprecedented dealer support and what WundaWeve VP of Marketing & Operations, Jude Acuff terms as "interactive community marketing" are the driving forces for reaching "Gallery" dealers' target audience.
 "Our target audience is very much involved in local cultural and charitable organizations," said Acuff.
 "To reach this audience, WundaWeve and its Gallery of Floor Fashions dealers are making an unprecedented commitment to arts, charitable and philanthropic organizations.
 "We and our dealers are forming an alliance with local fund raising organizations to raise much needed funds all across the nation.
 "We believe that sponsorships build loyalty. Our marketing strategy gives our dealers access to fashion driven consumers in their markets."
 To do this WundaWeve has commissioned nationally known artist Harland Young to produce a limited series of paintings to hallmark its Symphony of Color series.
 These paintings will be reproduced as limited edition signed prints and posters and will be donated by Gallery of Floor Fashions dealers to local fund raising organizations to be sold to its members and friends in exchange for a contribution. All funds will be retained by the local fund raising organizations.
 At a nominal charge, symphonies or local fund raising organizations can also purchase other items such as T-shirts, mugs, aprons and tote bags for resale and fund raising.
 The first painting in the series by Young is entitled "The Masquerade."
 "Interactive community marketing is a concept whose time has come," Acuff said.
 "And WundaWeve and its new breed of floor fashion dealers is on the leading edge of this cause and effect marketing concept."
 (3) Symphony of Color (Product).
 The Symphony of Color series is a brilliant exposition of rhythm and hues showcased in a patented merchandising system that took over two years to perfect.
 Gallery of Floor Fashions dealers will have 15 displays, incorporating all 22 Symphony of Color fabrics.
 Each style has 36 colorways conveniently shown at eye level.
 Tucked in the orchestra section behind the featured soloist sample are 3" x 3" swatches to take home.
 Custom colors are available in 36 styles, including 12 Symphony of Color products and are presented on a custom color display of over 400 of today's fashion colors -- for a total of 14,400 design options.
 WundaWeve will be alerting interior designers nationwide via direct mail in January that a Gallery of Floor Fashions dealer will soon be inviting them to a private reception.
 Consumers will first see the concept in February 1994 when Gallery of Floor Fashions dealers debut their galleries at a Private Night event.
 To support kick-off efforts, WundaWeve is planning 4-color advertisements in major consumer magazines.
 WundaWeve has appointed a National Dealer Council to help guide its gallery marketing efforts.
 On Nov. 4, this select few gathered in Greenville, S.C., WundaWeve's headquarters, for a sneak preview.
 The members are: Tom Loney, International Home Furnishings Center; Don Harding, Suniland; Olga Robertson, FCA; Vann Gilmore, Nashville Carpet; and Jessica Einstein and James Allan, Einstein Moomjy.
 "Response has been overwhelming," said Holt.
 "I can now safely say that the future of floor fashions has officially begun."
 -0- 11/15/93
 /EDITOR'S NOTE: Color is available on product shots and merchandising system./
 /CONTACT: David S. Holt, 803-879-8012, Jude Acuff, 803-879-8200, both of WundaWeve Carpet, or Mary-Price Furr of R.L. Reid & Company, 910-379-0282/

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