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WTCI-TV Chooses JVC'S D-9 For Superior Production, Operations & Field Work; PBS Affiliate Loves Affordable, High Quality JVC Decks.

WAYNE, NJ--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 13, 1999--

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced that PBS affiliate WTCI-TV of Tennessee has purchased JVC's D-9 line of high-performance equipment for use in studio and field production.

WTCI's Vice President of Technical Services Brian Fuqua announced the station's selection of JVC's robust D-9 videotape format for in-house commercial and field production. WTCI chose D-9 after an extensive review of competing digital formats, with the consensus being that only JVC's high-end digital format offered the image quality and technical performance at a price which was affordable.

Furnished with mainly 3/4-inch gear, WTCI's studio equipment was "slowly dying of old age," said Fuqua. WTCI began looking for an economical upgrade path that would be useful in the short term as well as in the future, with 16 x 9 aspect ratio capabilities, and a digital interface to and from other equipment. High quality was deemed the number one consideration.

As part of the selection process, Fuqua went to trade shows, including NAB, where the JVC equipment was on display and then to a dealer where he compared the JVC equipment side by side with Beta machines.

"Though we haven't dealt substantially with JVC in the past, we converted over to D-9 for all the reasons we cited in our search, including high-quality, affordable price, and the fact that D-9 equipment is really reliable.

"We first saw D-9 at NAB several years ago," said Fuqua. "At that time, we were still in 'shopping mode', but as we began to seriously analyze the digital competition, we were quickly sold on the format's 4:2:2 sampling and 1/2-inch tape which would give us superior image quality and editing performance.

Last year at NAB, we took great interest in JVC's commitment to the widescreen with its announcement of a switchable camera. Since WTCI is has long-range plans to shoot in 16 x 9 aspect ratio, it helped to confirm that we were making the right decision."


Fuqua continued, "Before we signed a purchase order, we checked around with other places that were using it early and they were having no problems. Comparing the picture to beta, it definitely looked better. That sealed the deal, since the number one in our decision process was the picture quality and price."

"As we researched digital videotape formats, JVC's D-9 product really caught our attention. We committed to the format with the purchase of economically BR-D350s and BR-D750s but we plan to add the new JVC BR-D92 with 4 audio channels next, so we can do some special effects with audio out in the field. The investment we've made so far and the decision to up the ante is a clear reflection of their product's value to our business. Ultimately, we'll have 14 JVC pieces of D-9 equipment in total before we're through upgrading. We're just thrilled with the JVC products and service."


WTCI's Master Control is outfitted with BR-D750 Editing Recorders in Master Control, recording and playing back programs. In the Main Edit Suite, three more JVC units are interfacing with the pre-existing Grass Valley editor, switcher and DBE, and the BR-D750's player-only twin, the BR-D350, being used as a feeder for studio editing and playback. Both the BR-D750 and BR-D350 feature 4:2:2 component digital recording, mild 3.3:1 compression for superior multi-generation picture quality, pre-read capability and two channels of PCM audio.

Fuqua continued, "JVC's D-9 equipment is reliable. Frankly, we're used to random errors with the Sony 3/4-inch machines, and it's a nice surprise not to have to deal with that kind of hassle. The D-9 machines integrate easily with our Grass Valley 251 editor --more proof for us that JVC's D-9 was the right choice."

D-9 in the FIELD

In the field, the station will rely on JVC's DY-700 D-9 camcorder. The DY-700 smartly integrated JVC's famous 3-chip camera technology with the unparalleled recording capabilities of JVC's D-9. The end result is an ergonomically-designed camcorder with superb low light capabilities (even with illumination as low as 1.5 lux) and 4:2:2 digital signal processing to easily outperform Beta-SP and DV-based camcorders.

Fuqua emphasized camcorder lightness, long-record time and fast rewind as primary reasons for the station's switch to the DY-700 in the field. "The number one attraction is the fact that the DY-700 is a one piece camcorder, and the equipment is lighter. It's a lot more reliable. It has a very long record time, allowing us to record 2 continuous hours worth of video instead of changing tapes every 20 minutes. Finally, for a station like WTCI, the DY-700's fast rewind is a real value. On several occasions our field reporters have recorded a program that needed to air immediately, and the high speed rewind comes in handy." JVC's Product Manager for VTRs, Juan Martinez, explained the value of JVC's BR-D750. "The BR-D750 is built on the same chassis as the BR-D80, and boasts comprehensive editing functions including built-in industry-standard VITC/LTC time code recording, frame-by-frame editing capabilities, pre-roll with a user-designated time setting and manual auto tracking. But, through careful engineering, JVC has been able to lower costs on the BR-D750 without sacrificing picture quality by removing some expendable features," said Martinez. "The BR-D750 has no jog dial. And there are some cosmetic changes to the front panel. But the BR-D750 performs every bit as well as JVC's existing line of high-end of D-9 products. JVC's BR-D750 and BR-D350 offer the budget-conscious consumer a terrific option for high-end digital recording."

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, NJ, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders and editing products. For more information regarding D9 products or any other JVC product, please contact Barbara Brown of R&J at (973) 331-1070 or David Walton of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY at (800) JVC-5825. Visit the JVC website at
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Date:Dec 13, 1999
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