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WS_FTP PRO 7.6. (Internet Focus).

WS_FTP Pro 7.6, the latest version of Ipswitch's file transfer protocol (FTP) client software is designed to provide network administrators and business users with greater security when transferring files to and from legacy systems, such as UNIX platforms, using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) over SSH 2.0 (Secure Socket Shell), a UNIX-based command interface that securely accesses a remote computer. Home users of WS_FTP Pro 7.6 have an easier way to transfer files with the addition of dial-up management within the FTP connection process and an improved "Synchronize" utility that enables users to preview files to be synchronised before they are transferred. dial-up management within the FTP connection process and an improved Synchronize utility
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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