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WSDPD to be mark tomorrow.

ISLAMABAD -- Like other parts of the globe,World Science Day for Peace and Development (WSDPD) will be marked on Nov 10 (Friday) across Pakistan to raise awareness of the benefits of science worldwide the WSDPD also known as World Science Day.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) works with people, government agencies and organizations to promote the WSDPD each year.

The WSDPD celebrations included ,Open days to highlight science's important role in peace and development.

Classroom discussions to emphasize how science and technology affect daily life,Distributing the WSDPD posters throughout tertiary institutions, school campuses, and public venues.

Arranged science museum visits to commemorate the day, Visits to local schools on careers in science or scientific presentations.

Some governments have, in the past, used World Science Day to publicly affirm their commitment to increased support for scientific initiatives that help society, as well as launch new science policy programs together with scientific institutions, civil society, universities and schools.

It was recommended at the World Conference on Science in Budapest in 1999 recognition was required for the need for a new compact between science and society.

It was discussed at the conference that a World Science Day would help strengthen commitments to attain the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge's goals and to pursue the Science Agenda: Framework for Action's recommendations.

Following the World Conference on Science, UNESCO established the WSDPD through a proclamation at a general conference in 2001.

The WSDPD was to be served a reminder of the organization's mandate and commitment to science. The day was first celebrated on November 10, 2002 and has been held annually on November 10 since then.

Various images promoting science and technology are seen in World Science Day posters. The UNESCO logo is also seen on promotional material associated with the day.

The logo features the words 'UNESCO' pictured as part of a temple building or structure. The words 'United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization' are presented underneath this image.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Nov 10, 2017
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