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WRQ's Latest Reflection X Delivers ReadyX Ease of Use To Windows Desktops.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 8, 1996--With a new set of usability features dubbed ReadyX, WRQ's Reflection X takes the mystery and the management hassles out of displaying high-powered X clients on the Windows desktop.

This breakthrough release of Reflection X version 6.0 combines unsurpassed ease of use with performance comparable to a high-end X terminal's and the highest reliability in the industry. Based on substantial customer research and usability testing, Reflection X's ReadyX delivers point-and-click access to all IS-authorized X applications on the network. Consequently, management, training, and support costs are less for the X-enabled desktop, and efficiency for the user is greater.

"In their efforts to build PC X servers that are up to speed with X terminals, vendors have overlooked the fact that end users familiar with Windows generally do not have a high level of expertise in UNIX and networking," said Chris Rogers, market manager for Reflection X. "The new Reflection X goes further in taking these people's requirements into account and gives them a way to connect to X applications quickly and painlessly. They can be running X clients in a matter of moments after installing the product."

Reflection X version 6.0 is available in two separate optimized packages, one for Windows 3.1x and one for Windows 95 and Windows NT desktops. Users can launch X applications either through Reflection X icons and dialog boxes or through Web browsers. Reflection X is X11R6-compliant and includes XIE (X Image Extension) support.

ReadyX Guarantees Success

ReadyX is a set of design features and tools that simplifies installation, configuration, and connection and is tightly integrated with the desktop operating system. By accepting the ReadyX defaults, the user is assured of a successful installation. As soon as installation is complete, the new ReadyX Performance Tuner automatically optimizes Reflection X for the specific desktop's hardware, ensuring the most efficient operation.

Once installed and tuned, Reflection X sends a network broadcast to determine which hosts are configured to run an X Display Manager (XDM). From the list, all the user has to do is click on one, and the session is underway. If the XDM Connection Protocol (XDMCP) is not available or if the user declines, Reflection X offers a new Client Wizard (in the Windows 95 and Windows NT version) for stepping through first-time connections.

More Control for Administrators

The Client Wizard is also a mechanism that allows system administrators to distribute specific X applications to the desktop, making sure that users have automatic access (through Reflection icons) to the X applications they need. Other advantages that the new Reflection X offers IS managers include an expanded Centralized Site Administration utility and a unique Trace and Replay tool.

The Centralized Site Administrator is useful in organizations where Reflection X is run or installed from a shared directory. The administrator can furnish a standard configuration to users, setting up, for instance, a specific keyboard map and font path, or limiting window manager options. Trace and Replay is useful for troubleshooting by the corporate help desk or WRQ technical support because it captures the X protocol for replay of the exact screen image. This removes the need for access to the actual X client to see the problem. Trace and Replay, unique to WRQ's Reflection X, promises significantly improved support response.

Reflection Extension for Local Printing

The X protocol does not specify a means of printing locally from an X application. Without such a specification, the PC user can print only what is visible on the screen. Reflection X remedies this lack with an extension that allows IS to set up local printing so that PC users have full printing capabilities with X clients.

Other New Features

Reflection X has a number of other new features in version 6.0. These include:

-- Consolidated user interface and connection directory, which enhances ease of use by making all connection methods and server settings available in one place

-- Reflection virtual desktop, which gives the user unlimited real estate and a way to organize and maneuver numerous applications that are open simultaneously

-- Color picker, which gives the user a visual interface for mapping colors between X clients and the server instead of having to tediously edit the RGB.TXT file

-- Local xrdb, which saves IS maintenance time by listing resources in one PC file and eliminating the need to maintain multiple resource files on multiple hosts

-- Reflection Xpress, which is a compression and transmission protocol designed to work with high-speed modems, direct connections, and TCP/IP connections

-- Support for local X clients, which helps reduce network traffic by supporting X clients running on the local PC

Pricing, Availability and Support

Reflection X version 6.0 ships Oct. 30. It will be available in Windows 3.1x and Windows 95/NT versions. It also can be purchased either as a stand-alone product or as part of the Reflection Suite for X, which also includes a TCP stack, utilities, and NFS client (Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 only); TN5250, TN3270E, and VT420 host connectivity components; and various management tools. Single-copy retail price of the standalone Reflection X is $469. Single-copy retail price of the Reflection Suite for X is $599. Volume and educational discounts are available. Technical support is free.

About WRQ

WRQ makes PC connectivity and management software for the enterprise network. Backed by WRQ's award-winning Guide Services support program, Reflection products connect to IBM, UNIX, X, Digital, and HP systems, and include TCP/IP software, Intranet/Internet access, and remote and mobile user support. Express products provide software metering and management to any PC on the network, regardless of desktop or network operating system.

This diverse expertise has helped WRQ build partnerships with its customers for 15 years, working with them to understand and address their complex enterprise-wide connectivity needs. With corporate headquarters in Seattle, WRQ distributes Reflection products through a worldwide distribution network. For more information, contact WRQ, 1500 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109. Phone: 800/872-2829 or 206/217-7100. Fax: 206/217-0293. Email: Web:


Linda Lewis, 206/217-7181 or email:

Chris Rogers, 206/217-7396 or
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Date:Oct 8, 1996
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