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I CAN'T believe the FA are still paying Sven "Gormless" Eriksson pounds 13,000 a day. Anyone with a shred of decency would have walked for nothing after making such a complete pig's ear of the job.

Nicola Hodgson, Reading

RB says: The lawyer nearly vetoed your letter on the grounds that pigs everywhere might be upset about having their ears likened to Eriksson's reign. If The Gormless One had a shred of decency instead of keeping his nose in the FA's trough he would pay back some of the pounds 25million he's snaffled up under false pretences.

I LOVE the idea of play-offs being introduced at the end of the Premiership season. It would generate a lot of extra interest and revenue and could help end Chelsea's monopoly.

Ian Bradley, Doncaster

RB says: The last thing the Premiership needs is a Mickey Mouse play-off system that would hand the filthy rich an opportunity to get even filthier. (PS The lawyer nearly vetoed that reply on the grounds Mickey Mouse would sue).

JONATHAN Pearce criticised Andy Johnson for his shirt kissing in last week's paper. Didn't he not see Wayne Rooney or is he to scared to menton it? How could anyone ever forget Rooney's "Once A Blue" phoney antics?

As for Mr Pearce. He reminds me of Alan Green off Five Live. It's time to turn the radio off or put the sound down on the TV.

Dave Charles, via email

RB says: It's time you got over the fact that despite his love for Everton, Rooney wanted to play for a club that had half a chance of winning something. (The lawyer nearly vetoed that reply on the grounds he's an Everton fan!).

I HAVE to write to applaud Jimmy Bullard. He is a flag bearer for all those who are discarded after being told they are not being good enough when in their youth. It is early days at Fulham but already he is a big crowd favourite. He has enthusiasm and talent by the Cottage full and has to be one of the best ever pounds 2.75m buys. Him or Juan Veron? The best Jimmy since Hendrix!

M Busby, Birchington

RB says: Who did Hendrix play for?

I DON'T think Roy Keane will made a good manager. He is far too volatile and will get his players backs up. He needs to learn how to keep his temper. Graeme Souness was a poor manager because he let his temperament get the better of him thus affecting his players performances. Can you imagine the language in the dug-out when things are going wrong for Keane's team?

Susie Roswell, Great Yarmouth

RB says: Yes I ****ing can!

GIUSEPPE Rossi is an exciting signing for Newcastle but as a lifelong member of the Toon Army, I'm very concerned we didn't strengthen our defence before the transfer deadline. Missing out on Jonathan Woodgate could be very costly and condemn us to another season of under-achieving.

Mark Withers, Newcastle.

RB says: There are only three certainties in life - death, taxes and Newcastle under-achieving because of their dodgy defence.

FIRST we land two world class Argentine stars, now we look set for a Chelsea-style Russian takeover. There may be concerns about some of the people behind the takeover bid, but I'm not too bothered if they provide us with the opportunity to regularly compete for the game's top prizes.

Eric Brown, Stratford

RB says: Silly me, there are actually only four certainties in life - death, taxes, Newcastle under-achieving and West Ham's "bubble" bursting sooner rather than later.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 3, 2006
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