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WOW! IT'S TOYAH BATTERS-BABE; Sensational pictures reveal how `dowdy' Street kid Georgia is now a beautiful woman.

CORRIE Street star Toyah has finally shed her dowdy image and blossomed into a full-on Battersby babe.

Millions of viewers were glued to the TV last week as the once gawky teenager got her dream man Spider in a steamy clinch during the Eclipse.

And the hot-blooded scene revealed that, without anyone noticing, she has blossomed into a stunning young woman.

For in real life actress Georgia Taylor, 19, has dropped a dress size and is looking gorgeous after a three-month health drive.

And Spider is getting all the benefit of it on screen. As she modelled these designer clothes which are streets away from her Plain Jane soap image, she said: "I'm feeling fantastic. I am no longer a little girl - I'm a young woman.

"And I'm so glad Toyah is growing up and having a love life at last."

The stunning young actress, who is two years older than her street character, has undergone a total transformation from the time of her Corrie debut.

Georgia still remembers the early Toyah with a shudder.

She said: "I was so excited to be in Coronation Street which was my first acting role. But I remember being given the outfit I had to wear as Toyah.

"I had these hot pants which looked like huge camouflage granny knickers - they were awful.

"I had these pale pasty legs at the time and had to wear these mini skirts and have my hair in pigtails.

"My make-up was hysterical. I wore bright pink lipstick, no foundation, and had this black eye liner scrawled all over my eyes. I looked absolutely dreadful - I still remember those knickers."

Spider - played by actor Martin Hancock - who has become her lover in the Street would be amazed by these pictures of his co-star.

In real life the actress has blossomed into a beautiful leggy blonde with an amazing figure and beautiful looks.

Explaining the way she has developed, Georgia said: "People do grow up and young women do have sex.

"Coronation Street is very responsible about story lines, but it's really good that they are making things so realistic.

"When I read that Toyah and Spider were going to have a relationship I cheered. Toyah was getting to be a young woman at last."

Georgia's sleek new figure is the result of her determination to get fit and give up her favourite fatty foods.

She said: "I never thought I was fat, but I did enjoy unhealthy foods like crisps and chocolates. I always thought I should cut down for my health. I was always a skinny child and I remember having these little sparrow legs.

"But then my body really changed during puberty and I began taking after all the other females in my family.

"They are all really voluptuous. That's a wonderful thing - but it did make me more aware of my figure. It took a while to get used to the new curves.

"I have been on countless diets in the past but this is the first time I've really stuck to one. Before I have lost a few pounds then gone straight back on the chocolate.

"But this time I'm doing it to get healthy and fit. For three months now I haven't eaten chips. Instead I have been tucking into cereals and healthy dinners like chicken and rice. I still eat like a horse - I'm just eating the right things.

"I think the best thing I did was start swimming - I've been doing 50 lengths a time even if I work a 12-hour day. It has given me loads more energy."

Georgia first went to the baths with Street co-star Joanne Froggatt, who played Zoe Tattersall.

But she said: "We ended up chatting the whole time, so now I go swimming on my own. Nobody recognises me when I've got my goggles on and I'm bombing up and down the pool.

"I'm not obsessed about exercise and dieting - I just wanted to feel fitter. I was happy with my body before, but I feel so much fitter and healthier now."

Georgia has lost so much weight that her Street clothes started falling off her. The soap's wardrobe mistress had to go out buy her some trendy new outfits.

"Toyah is not exactly into designer labels like these - well, she is a Battersby after all!" said Georgia.

"But with a new boyfriend and a new college life, she is a bit more aware of the way she looks.

"Thank goodness her new wardrobe doesn't include any more of those dreadful granny knickers."

Spider is not the only one besotted with Georgia's new look. Real-life boyfriend Phil, a 19-year-old computer studies student, is also over the moon.

They have been going out together for over a year now and he is also pretty tolerant about her increasingly sexy image in the Granada soap.

Georgia explained: "I read through my scripts with him so he knows what's happening. But Phil is not jealous at all. In fact when I showed him a photograph of me and Martin kissing during the Eclipse he just burst out laughing.

"He thinks it is hysterical that I should have a love affair with Spider."

The street-wild Toyah had her first sexy scenes last October when Coronation Street bad boy Dobber took her virginity away on the backseat of his car.

But now she is having her first real love affair with handsome eco warrior Spider - and growing up fast.

Pretty Georgia said: "I love the look here. I like getting dressed up and wearing something sophisticated.

"I'm not sure what my screen dad Les would think, though, if I tried going out in some of these outfits.

"He'd probably take one look and shriek `Get inside and cover yourself up girl'."
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Date:Aug 15, 1999
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