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WOULD YOU DO THIS TO A NINE-YEAR-OLD? Jordan hits back over Harvey's new haircut.


MODEL Jordan faced a furious backlash yesterday over her son Harvey's garish new haircut.

The nine-year-old now has a zig-zag pattern on both sides of his head, with a stripe of his thick, curly hair left in a Mohican-style down to his neck.

But after receiving hundreds of angry messages, Jordan, real name Katie Price, explained her partially sighted son enjoys the texture of the patterns shaved into his head.

A spokesman for Katie said last night: "Harvey loves the feel of his hair and it is something that he touches and interests him."

Katie, 33, posted two images of the controversial new haircut on Twitter, tweeting: "Loving Harvey's new haircut."

But her account was immediately bombarded with hundreds of messages, with many accusing her of making him look "ridicu-lous". One user wrote: "Dear god, what have you done to that poor boy's hair? So sad that you've made such a lovely child look so awful, poor kid."

Another ranted: "I am sorry but he is a child. It looks awful!!!!!"

One user pointed out: "He's got the rest of his life to have thuggish hairstyles!!"

Another branded her "despicable", adding: "How could u do that to ur sons hair!"

Jordan revealed that celebrity hairdresser Daniel Johnson - who counts Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli as clients - cut Harvey's hair. His Twitter account also received a barrage of negative comments, with users asking: "What the f*** have you done to that poor kid!?"

Harvey was born with septooptic dysplasia, which has left him with residual vision, allowing him to see only some shapes and colours. He also suffers from autism, as well as a rare condition which affects his growth.

A source close to Katie, said last night: "Daniel was round at Katie's house, so Katie asked Harvey if he would like patterns shaved in his head. Harvey excitedly responded, 'Yes'. He absolutely loves the designs, because they are interesting to touch."

It is not the first time Katie has come under fire for letting her children adopt unconventional looks. In 2010, she decorated her then two-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii in make-up and false eyelashes.

Former husband Peter Andre said he was "totally disgusted".

Last February, he hit out at his ex when she straightened his daughter's hair.

He said: "In my opinion, a threeyear-old child shouldn't have her lovely hair straightened. If she wants to do it when she's older, that's fine."

And when their son Junior was four, Katie allowed him to have a peroxide blonde mohican.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 25, 2012
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