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My supervisor claimed that the new, expensive equipment was a business need.

bolt-on acquisition: A product (or company) acquisition that fits naturally within the buyer's existing business lines or strategy

brain stain: The inept, often irrelevant comments left by supervisors on copies of memos and other documents. For example, "That spec sheet was ready to distribute until Sanders left his brain stains all over it."

business needs: The certain needs of an organization. The term is typically used by upper management to explain, or sometimes defend, a business decision.

data store: The data store layer is made up of objects that contain database routines and interact directly with a database management system product.

F2F: With the ubiquity of email, webinars, and teleconferencing, it was only a matter of time before we needed an abbreviated way to make face-to-face meetings sound unique.

GIGO: Acronym for garbage in, garbage out. If you input bad data into a computer (or your brain), what comes out will be worthless too.

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Date:Apr 1, 2018
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