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 ROGERS, Minn., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The annual Arbor Day celebration brings into focus preserving the Earth's forest resources. Larry Stoiaken, editor in chief of Today's Woodworker magazine, says conservation is especially important to woodworkers, who share a keen awareness and appreciation of the beauty and tactile qualities of all types of woods.
 This focus on conservation explains why most woodworkers have a barrel full

of wood scraps in their shop. But Stoiaken says scraps are indispensable for creating woodworking projects, and offers ideas for making the most of scraps:
 -- Wooden toys: Smaller scraps are ideal for wooden toys like trains or cars. With simple patterns and common tools like scroll saws and drills, even beginning woodworkers can turn scraps into great kids' toys. Finishing pieces like realistic hardwood wheels are available from woodworking retail stores like The Woodworkers' Store.
 -- Shop jigs: Small scraps can come in handy for fashioning jigs that make woodworkers' shop time more fruitful. The book "Making Woodwork Aids and Devices" by Robert Wearing is a great source for shop jig ideas.
 Four other conservation ideas Stoiaken's readers are trying include:
 -- Use veneer or plywood to replace glued-up hardwood panels;
 -- Try lesser-known wood species like elm or soft maple;
 -- Use secondary woods like poplar or red gum for web frames, drawer backs or other hidden parts;
 -- Use detailed plans and spend additional time "at the drawing board" to limit the loss of wood to experimentation.
 Timberlands regeneration is another key focus for woodworkers. The Woodworkers' Store initiated a program whereby a portion of every hardwood sale is donated directly to the National Arbor Day Foundation to support tree planting and education efforts.
 "Our customers have shown great support and enthusiasm for this program," says Ann Jackson, president and CEO of The Woodworkers' Store. "It just confirms what we already suspected; woodworkers are strongly committed to preserving and regenerating our forest resources."
 -0- 4/29/93
 /CONTACT: Ann Jackson or Larry Stoiaken, both of The Rockler Cos., 612-428-4101; or John Shaughnessy of Mona Meyer McGrath & Gavin, 612-832-5000, for The Rockler Cos./

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