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Entrepreneurship is a key to economic development of a country. Women entrepreneurs tend to be highly motivated and self directed, they also exhibit a high internal locus of control and attainment. It is a state of mind, which develops naturally, based on her surrounding and experiences, which makes her think about life and career in a given way.

The growth of the proportion of women entrepreneurs in developing states has drawn the attention of both the academic and the development sector. Donors, global public institutions, nationwide and local governments, NGOs, private firms, charities, knowledge institutes and business associations have started programs or strategies to promote and develop women's entrepreneurship.

They start programs for capacity-building of entrepreneurial skills, strengthening women's networks, offer finance and trainings, or design strategies that enable more and stronger start-ups and business growth. They all claim that women entrepreneurship is necessary for growth and development. Some even argue that women entrepreneurs' contribution tends to be higher than that resulting from entrepreneurial activity of men. The position of women and their status in any society is an index of its civilization. Women constitute 50 percent of the population of Pakistan. Many of them are well educated. Others are pursuing higher education or are interested to do so.

In various regions of Pakistan, women are not permitted to do jobs even after getting higher education. As a consequence, most of them stay at homes either by force or by choice. In the given condition, there should be a way out to let them play a role in the development of Pakistan while completing their local duties at the same time. It is suggestible that women should be encouraged to make use of their education in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

It is the century of economic development and no state can attain economic stability without active contribution from the ladies. The plan of female entrepreneurs is yet a new concept in the country but it is a proven fact that women entrepreneurs are working as a backbone for development of Pakistan of our nation from the past couple of eras. The rapidly growing rate of the women entrepreneurs in the country has drawn the attention of both the developing and academic sectors and has assisted Pakistan build an optimistic image in the rest of the world.

There are numerous inspirational women entrepreneurs who have been serving their country in this way while making us proud and nourishing their interests also. They can opt for paper crafting, fabric crafts, home based boutiques, free lancing and blogging and other such fields of their interest.


The Women Can Do Project is one of numerous entrepreneurship-related initiatives supported by the American Embassy. The American Embassy sends Pakistani entrepreneurs to US on exchange programs, supported the establishment of the WECREATE Centre for women's entrepreneurship in Islamabad, and sponsored the travel of Pakistani delegates to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in June. It is encouraged public and private sector representatives to continue their attempts to support women's entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Through this project, over 3,000 ladies have received entrepreneurship training at public universities and madaris in the entire country.

Supporting women entrepreneurs in the country has a ripple effect on families, villages, and cities across Pakistan. Successful entrepreneurs create career opportunities for other women and men.


At TDAP, Women Entrepreneur Section is a part of the Facilitation Division. This section has been instrumental in facilitating and enhancing women entrepreneurs since last many eras. The main objective is to support women entrepreneurs in meeting the requirements of domestic and global marketing by promotion and facilitation so that opportunities could be created for aspiring women entrepreneurs to grow and expand.

In order to assist Pakistani women exporters to retain competitive edge in the traditional markets and to explore new opportunities, the Women Entrepreneur Section lays emphasis on improvement of quality, adherence to time line and emphasizes best business practices.

Modernization and innovation in the country's export drive is something, the section stresses upon, as the competition in the global markets has intensified. Some of the major projects undertaken by the section are organizing of a series of seminars on the topic 'basic requirements of exports' and "How to start a business" at small and large cities/regions of Pakistan. Moreover, to increase the Pakistani handicrafts/craft sectors, the Women Entrepreneur Section has also set up a series of handicraft exhibitions at the main cities of the country. WEXNET '2010 is also a big example which was organized at the Expo Centre, Lahore.

Similarly, this section of the facilitation division, has sent women delegations representing dissimilar women chambers in various traditional and non-traditional worldwide markets. These delegations were specialized in garments, jewellery, handicrafts and pharmaceutical etc.

The Women Entrepreneur Section has been active in offering financial support to dissimilar fashion designers to participate in the reputed global fashion shows and fairs. This section has developed a database of all women entrepreneurs of Pakistan in consultation with all major chambers, and trade associations of the country.
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