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WNA working for you--spring 2010.

Core Issue #1-Nurse Workforce Health, Rights & Safety

Workforce Advocacy--Conflict Engagement Legislation/Regulation

WNA is working on the following policy strategies related to promoting nursing's workplace health, rights and safety:
Legislation/Rule                Activity                  Target Group

Decriminalization   Sen. Judy Robson introduced           Nursing
of RN for           legislation that provides for         workforce
Unintentional       decriminalization of health care
Medical Error       providers for unintentional medical
                    errors. The bill passed the Senate
                    but ran out of time for Assembly
                    consideration. WNA worked on the
                    development of this language.

Supervision of      The final rule was published in       Nurses with
APNP by Physician   April clarifying the conditions for   Prescriptive
as a Requirement    which the physician supervision       Authority
under the Patient   requirements are met under the
Compensation Fund   Patient Compensation Fund. WNA
                    worked with the Office of Insurance
                    Commission to develop this

Statute Changes     The bill introduced by Rep. Louis     Nurses with
for Inclusion of    Molepske, that allow APNPs to sign    Prescriptive
APNP as Health      disability certificates for disabled  Authority
Care Provider       hunters; sign statement indicating
                    military veteran eligibility for
                    needed services; and perform special
                    examinations under DOT rules passed
                    the Assembly but was not taken up by
                    the Senate.

DHS 35 -            The Board of Nursing acknowledge the  Nurses with
Certification of    new DHS 35 ruling that exempts Board  Prescriptive
Medicaid            Certified Psychiatric Mental Health   Authority
Outpatient Mental   Nurses from the required 3,000 hours
Health Clinics      in order to provide psychotherapy,
                    providing there is demonstration of
                    the necessary education, training
                    and experience. WNA requested this

DR&L Impaired       WNA continues to review the final     RNs
Professionals       recommendations related to the
Program             Impaired Professionals Procedure
                    Program that were submitted by the
                    Department of Regulation and
                    Licensing. DR&L has developed a
                    scope statement which begins the
                    rule-making process.

Promoting the Role  The Reference on promoting the role   RNs working
of RNs in Family    of the RN in Family Care was adopted  in Family
Care                at the2009 WNA Annual Meeting in      Care
                    October. Strategies for
                    implementation are pending.

Promoting the Role  The Reference on promoting the role   APNs
of APNs in Medical  of the APN in Medical Homes was
Homes               adopted at the 2009 WNA Annual
                    Meeting in October. Strategies for
                    implementation are pending.

Supporting WNA's Special Interest Groups

Special Interest                  Summary of Activity
Group (SIG)

Advanced Practice     The APN Forum sponsored an APN Summit with the
Nurse Forum           other APN Associations to discuss policy issues
                      and identify areas of collaboration in regards to
                      legislative changes.

WI Parish Nurse       The Coalition Steering Committee's document,
Coalition             Basic Curriculum for Parish Nursing was approved
                      by the WNA Board of Directors and will be
                      published in the near future.

Wisconsin             WNA and WEHNC are sponsoring a one-day workshop
Environmental Health  on nurses' role in advocating for environmental
Nurses Coalition      health practices. This is funded through a grant
(WEHNC)               from Health Care Without Harm. Contact WNA for
                      more information.

Core Issue #2 - Appropriate Nurse Staffing & Nurse Shortage

Legislation/Rule &                   Activity                    Target
Policy                                                           Group

Safe Nurse Staffing   The WNA Public Policy Council will be      RNs
                      seeking input on the final desired
                      language for the Safe Nurse Staffing

Mandatory Overtime    The banning of mandatory overtime          RNs
                      legislation was passed out of the Senate
                      Health Committee. The Senate Majority
                      Leader, Decker, would not release the
                      bill for a full Senate vote.

RN Data Collection &  Thanks to the work of Sen. Judy Robson,    RNs
Analysis              the first mandatory RN Workforce Survey
                      tied to license renewal took place
                      January--February 2010. The analysis of
                      the data will be conducted by the
                      Wisconsin Center for Nursing. WNA
                      actively lobbied for these two
                      legislative proposals.

Nurse Fatigue &       WNA, along with the Wisconsin Nursing      RNs
Patient Safety        Coalition, is finalizing a joint position
                      paper to raise awareness of impact of
                      nurse fatigue and patient safety.

Core Issue #3 - Continued Competence & WNA Educational Offerings for

Legislation/Rule/                   Activity                  Target

Mandatory          Reference passed at WNA Annual Meeting     RNs
Continuing         that supports strategies for
Education for RNs  demonstrating continued competence. WNA
                   Reference is available on the WNA

Educational        The Nursing Education Council developed a  RNs
Advancement for    list of resources related registered
Registered Nurses  nurses in WI interested in pursuing a to
                   baccalaureate degree in nursing within 10
                   years of initial licensure.

Educational Offerings 2010-Mark Your Calendar!

16th Annual Jail Health Care  WNA 100th Celebration--Rich Past--Bright
Conference--Thursday-Friday,  Future. Annual Meeting and Conference.
May 13-14, Chula Vista        October 7 - 9, Monona Terrace Madison
Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Core Issue #4 - Patient Safety/Advocacy

Nurses Agenda for Health Care Reform -- WNA will be monitoring the progress and implementation of Federal legislation related to health care and insurance in Wisconsin. To view WNA's position on patient advocacy legislation, go to our website and click on Legislation & Policy. WNA is a member of the Campaign for Better Health Care sponsored by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.
You Were Represented--March 3, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Topic                        Audience           Location      Date

Scope of Practice for  Policy makers and key    State       3/3/10
Health Care            stakeholders             Capitol

Update on WNA Role in  UW-Eau Claire MSN        Conference  3/3/10
Policy Development     students                 Call

Testimony on Critical  Senate Public Health     State       3/3/10
Access Hospitals       Committee                Capitol

Review and Response    WNA Peer Assistance      Conference  3/4/10
to Impaired            Program Advisory         Call
Professionals          Council
Procedure Program

Nurses Day at the      RNs and Nursing          Madison     3/9/10
Capitol                Students

Policy Implications    Preceptors for UW        Madison     3/10/10
for Medication         Nursing Students
Administration Errors
in the Community

Environmental Health   Planning Committee       Conference  3/11/10
Advocacy Workshop                               Call

ANA Constituent        ANA State Presidents     Silver      3/12 - 3/14
Assembly Meeting       and Executive            Spring MD

Testimony on APNP      Assembly Public Health   State       3/30/10
Statute Clean up       Committee                Capitol

Certified Registered   President of Wisconsin   WNA Office  4/2/10
Nurse Anesthetists     Association of Nurse
Policy Issues          Anesthetists

Planning for ANA       Part of planning         Conference  4/5/10
Annual State Lobbying  committee for September  Call
Conference             13 -15 ANA Lobbying

Decriminalization for  Strategy meeting with    State       4/6/10
Unintentional Medical  Sen. Judy Robson         Capitol
Errors Legislation

Strategies for         WNA Nursing Practice     WNA Office  4/7/10
Supporting Nursing     Council

Testimony Supporting   Senate Judiciary         State       4/8/10
Unintentional Medical  Committee                Capitol
Errors Legislation

ANA National Policy    ANA State Executive      Conference  4/14/10
Impacting Nurses       Directors                Call
WNA Governance         WNA Board of Directors   Madison     4/16/10

Update on ANCC         Wisconsin Organization   Green Bay   4/21/10
Programs--Presented    of Nurse Executives
by Debbie Hatmaker,
ANCC President

APN Clinical           Advanced Practice        Wisconsin   4/22 - 4/24
Pharmacology           Nurses                   Dells

Nurses Role in         UW-Milwaukee Nursing     Milwaukee   4/26/10
Policy                 Students

Supporting Nursing     WNA Research Council     Conference  4/27/10
Research               Meeting                  Call

Wisconsin School       School Nurses            Madison     4/29 - 4/30
Nurse Conference

Responsibilities of    Sponsored by Families    Conference  4/29/10
Insurance Companies    USA for Health Care      Call
with Health Care       Policy advocates
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