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WNA working for you spring 2007.

Core Issue #1--Workforce Health, Rights & Safety WNA's Workforce Advocacy Program

Check out WNA's Workforce Advocacy section on the website. It contains a variety of tools, resources and guidelines related to self-advocacy in the workplace. Go to WNA's website home page and click on the button, "Workforce Advocacy Program". Workforce Advocacy Legislation/Regulation
WNA is working on the following policy strategies related to promoting
nursing's workplace health, rights and safety.

Legislation/Rule Activity

Criminalization of RN for WNA is working with a coalition of
medical error health care professional associations
 and providers on identifying changes
 to Wisconsin state statutes to prevent
 health care providers from being
 charged criminally for an unintended
 medical error.

Determination of CRNA Scope The Wisconsin Society of Anesthesio-
of Practice logist has appealed the decision of the
 Department of Regulation & Licensing,
 Administrative Law Judge who indicated
 that the scope of practice of CRNA
 belongs to nursing but to practice
 independently they must be certified as
 an APNP. WNA continues to
 monitor this process.

Mandatory Continuing Educa- WNA is meeting with legislators who are
tion for RN's interested in developing legislation
 mandating continuing education as a
 requirement for RN's license renewal.
 Tell us what you think by going
 to WNA's Discussion Forum.

Legislation/Rule Target Group

Criminalization of RN for Nursing work-
medical error force

Determination of CRNA Scope APN
of Practice

Mandatory Continuing Educa- RNs
tion for RN's

WNA Special Interest Group Support

Special Interest Group Summary of Activity

Staff Nurse SIG Is encouraging nurses to participate in
 WNA's Discussion Forums. Developing
 educational offerings for the Annual
 WNA/WSNA Convention

Advanced Practice Nurse Fo- 21st Annual Pharmacology and Clinical
rum Update will be held May 3-5, 2007 at the
 Radisson Hotel/La Crosse Center in La
 Crosse. Conducting data collection on
 extent of APN recognition among the
 various health insurance companies. WNA
 launched the online APN Directory that
 various health insurance companies. WNA
 audience is the healthcare consumer.

WI Parish Nurse Coalition Working on the promotion of standardized
 Basic Parish Nurse education. Planning
 the Annual Parish Nurse Conference.

Corrections & Jail Health The 13th Annual Jail Health Conference
Nurse will be held Monday, May 7th--Tuesday,
 May 8th, 2007, at the Kalahari Resort
 and Convention Center in Wisconsin
 Dells. A conference brochure is
 available on WNA's website. Go to
 "conferences" when you get to the

Wisconsin Environmental First meeting of WEHNC is scheduled for
Health Nurses Coalition Friday May 4 at UW-Milwaukee School of
(WEHNC) Nursing Conference in Milwaukee. Go to
 WNA's website for more information.
 Click on SIG's

Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin (NFW)

NFW's Scholarships and Research Grant applications for RNs are also posted on the WNA website. The deadline for submission of the application is May 1, 2007. The information related to the Nightingale Tribute, a service that can be provided at the funeral of a nurse, is also available on the NFW section of the WNA website.
Core Issue #2--Appropriate Nurse Staffing & Nurse Shortage

Legislation/Rule/Policy Activity Target Group

RN Workforce Data Wisconsin is lacking Nursing work-
Collection and information about the RN force
State Funding for the nursing workforce.
Wisconsin Center for Attempts have been made to
Nursing collect this data but
 results are unusable. WNA
 supports mandating the
 collection of data
 regarding the nursing
 workforce so as to plan
 for future needs in supply
 and demand. Data would be
 collected and analyzed
 using the Wisconsin Center
 for Nursing. State funding
 is needed to support
 this important issue.

Nurse Fatigue & Patient WNA is working with the Wisconsin RNs
Safety Wisconsin Nursing Coali-
 tion on the implementation
 of an awareness campaign
 related to the impact of
 nurse fatigue and patient

Department of Workforce Participant on workgroup All RN's
Development--Workgroup to look and suggest best
on Improving Clinical practices for maximizing
Placement Capacity. clinical placement
 opportunities for health
 care workers. Working with
 DWD on the planning of a
 summit which will begin
 a strategy for increasing
 the number and effective-
 ness of clinical placement
 sites. The summit was
 scheduled for 4/7/07.

Core Issue #3--Continued Competencies--Educational Offerings for 2007

WI Association of School Nurses Conference April 25 - 27
13th Annual Jail Health Conference May 7 - 8
2007 WNA/WSNA Annual Convention October 18-20

WI Association of School Nurses Conference Annual Pharmacology &
 Clinical Update

13th Annual Jail Health Conference WNA Parish Nurse SIG
 Annual Conference
2007 WNA/WSNA Annual Convention

WI Association of School Nurses Conference May 3-5
13th Annual Jail Health Conference October 18
2007 WNA/WSNA Annual Convention

Core Issue #4--Patient Safety/Advocacy

Nurses Agenda for Health Care Reform

A presentation has been developed for any nurse wanting to learn more about The Wisconsin Community of Nursing Agenda for Health Care Reform. You will find the presentation on WNA's website or by contacting WNA. A web cast will be provided on the content and purpose of the NAHCR in a "Train-the-Trainer" format.

Promoting Consumer Health Literacy

Participated at "invitation -only" Wisconsin Public Health Association and Medical College of Wisconsin sponsored summit on creation of a statewide center that will focus on consumer health literacy.

Proposed Legislation

WNA's Public Policy Council continues to review and take positions on a variety of legislation. The positions and WNA's 2007-2008 Public Policy Agenda can be found on WNA's website.
You Were Represented March - April 2007

Meeting with representative from Clean- WNA Public Policy
Wisconsin regarding signing on to a Council
petition to reduce Mercury emissions
from coal-fired plants

Update on Wisconsin Health Care WNA Public Policy
Reform proposals Council

WNA Member Recruitment exhibit at WNAs Waukesha
Region 5 Educational Offering

Meeting to discuss strategies Department of Regulation
for increasing the number of nurse & Licensing
faculty in Wisconsin

Board of Nursing Meeting Department of Regulation
 & Licensing

Meeting to discuss strategies for Wisconsin Public Health
increasing consumer health literacy Association and Medical
and health promotion College of
 Wisconsin--Green Lake

Legislative Breakfast Presentation of WNA WNA District 10--Eau
Public Policy Agenda and Priorities Claire
to Legislators

Nurses Day at the Capitol Madison

Translating Professional Accountability Edgewood College Senior
and Responsibility into Practice Nursing Students
after Graduation

Legislative Breakfast Presentation of WNA WNA District
Public Policy Agenda and Priorities to 9--Green Bay

Center for American Nurses Grant Silver Spring. Maryland
Award Committee Meeting

Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin Madison
Board Meeting

Meeting to discuss RN Workforce Data Department of
Collection Needs and assistance from Regulation & Licensing
Department of Regulation and Licensing

Wisconsin Nursing Coalition Meeting Madison

Graduate Nursing Student Interview on WNA Madison
and Role in Advancing and Promoting
Appropriate Public Policy

Strategy meeting with representatives from Madison
Wisconsin Hospital Association, Federation
of Nurses & Health Care Professionals,
Wisconsin Medical Society, Wisconsin Health
Care Association to discuss decriminali-
zation of health care providers
for medical errors

Legislative Breakfast Presentation of WNA WNA District 6--Appleton
Public Policy Agenda and Priorities
to Legislators

Department of Workforce Development Madison
Planning Committee on addressing RN student
Clinical Placement Issues

New Graduate Nurses Recruitment--Pilot Madison Area
Project with Madison District Nurses Technical College

Legislator Visits--Rep. Hines and Madison
Sen. Robson

Criminalization for Medical Errors: A Teleconference
Wisconsin Case Study--Joint Educational
offering with National Association
of Nurse Attorneys
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