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WNA Board of Directors Highlights.

WNA Board and District Presidents Meeting

The WNA Board hosted a dinner meeting with the WNA District Presidents on Thursday February 17, 2011 in Madison. The agenda for the meeting consisted of an overview of the fiduciary responsibilities of Boards of Directors, which was presented by WNA's Legal Counsel, Burt Wagner. Another agenda topic was a demonstration of the on-line Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin Nightingale Tribute toolkit. The district presidents want to get this information into the hands of the local funeral home directors so that more families of deceased nurses will use the "Tribute". Another important use of the "Tribute" will hopefully gain permission from the family for allowing donations to NFW's nurse scholarship and research grants. Another agenda item was a discussion of the 2010 Reference on Exploring a Transition Model from WNA Districts to WNA Regions. The President's discussed options and reviewed a working draft of a member survey that will be sent out to all members related to satisfaction with districts and mandatory district membership. The last topic of the night focused on benefits of using social media as a means of communicating with districts.

WNA Board of Directors Meeting - Highlights

The WNA Board of Directors met on Friday February 18, 2011 in Madison. Board members attending the meeting are as follows: Officers - Carolyn Krause, President; Gail Hanson Brenner, Vice-President; Lea Acord, Treasurer; Kathryn Schroeter, Secretary; and Pat Borgman, President-Elect. Members-at-Large-Region Representatives: Bonnie Howe, Kathie Bartylla, Sandy Schlichenmeyer, Jackie O'Connell. Staff Nurse Representative, Tammy Gandy and

APN Representative, Roxie Huebscher. WNA Council Representatives: Cathy Andrews, Mary Jahangir and Barb Haag-Heitman. Excused from the meeting: SueAnne TeStrake, Marcia Dobrick and Dawn Martin.

Summary of Board Activities and Action

Acceptance of Treasurer's Report for November 2010 Income and Expenses.

Approval of revisions to WNA policies related to advertising, funding structural units, accounting process and ANA rebate to WNA.

Approved appointment of the following WNA members: Teresa Prattke (Dist. 4) - Nursing Education Council, Robin Haehkle, (Dist 8), CEAP Committee and Maria Brenny-Fitzpatrick (Dist 3) Department of Health Wisconsin Drug Utilization Review Board.

Tim Bartholow, MD and Senior Vice-President for Wisconsin Medical Society provided an overview of their principles related to addressing the increase in health care costs for Wisconsin. WMS is aware of the degree of the public's trust in nurses and views nurses as key to increasing awareness regarding value in resources we use, reducing variation in charges, and utilization of appropriate use criteria. That nurses can support and deliver messages that encourage health, not health care.

Approved WNA's Strategic Imperatives for 2011 which is used to better explain WNA's key strategies for advancing nurses and nursing in Wisconsin.
WNA Strategic Imperatives

# 1 # 2 Healthcare #3 Knowledge #4 Leadership
Professional & Public Development,
Practice and Policy Research and
Excellence Evidence

1.1 Maintain 2.1 Advance 3.1 Advance 4.1 Expand and
leadership in WNA's public the promote
ethical policy agenda development partnerships
issues in legislation of nursing and
 & knowledge collaboratins.
 regulations. through

1.2 Promote 2.2 Support 3.2 Advance 4.2 Communicate
educational policies nurses; use relevance with
advancement related to of evidence members and
and learning environmental based stakeholders
 health practice

1.3 Advocate 2.3 Advance 4.3 Grow WNA's
for quality full scope of influence at
outcomes for practice for local, state &
patients RN's and national
 APRN's levels

1.4 Promote
and reporting
of nursing

# 1 #5 Advocacy
Professional for
Practice and Workforce
Excellence and

1.1 Maintain 5.1 Advance
leadership in efforts to
ethical address safe
issues nurse

1.2 Promote 5.2 Promote
educational awarenes of
advancement the economic
and learning value of

1.3 Advocate 5.3 Advocate
for quality for health
outcomes for and safety
patients for workers

1.4 Promote 5.4 Advocate
collection for a
and reporting healthy work
of nursing environment

 to plan for
 adequate &
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