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WN Pharmaceuticals Inc.

WN Pharmaceuticals Inc.

1111 80th Street, SW., Suite 100, Everett, Wash. 98203

Phone: (800) 430-7898 Fax: (888) 597-2885

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Key contact: Steven Lawrence, director of sales

EVERETT, Wash. -- Sunkist vitamins and supplements, which are now available in the United States, are made by WN Pharmaceuticals Inc., an international producer of quality nutritional products and Canada's fastest-growing supplements maker.

Sunkist vitamin C, zinc lozenges and Ester-C products are created using quality control, manufacturing and packaging procedures that meet or exceed those that have been established by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practices standards, among the most stringent in the world.

With a primary manufacturing facility in Canada, WN is also fully compliant with DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act) labeling requirements for U.S. products.

"Sunkist is one of the world's leading brands of food products. We are delighted to now have the Sunkist license for vitamin supplements in the U.S.," comments president Robin Hobbis. "WN has a reputation for creating natural products to pharmaceutical standards. For us this is much more than a slogan--it's a guiding principle.

"These new Sunkist products are 100% natural and of the finest quality. By controlling product development and manufacturing each step of the way we are able to guarantee every product, every bottle."

WN's scientific know-how and attention to detail produce effective, natural products that incorporate proven health benefits for American families.

Sunkist vitamin products, with their eye-catching colorful labels, reflect the delicious natural citrus flavors used in these supplements, notes Steven Lawrence, director of sales for the U.S. and western Canada.

Sunkist's complete collection of naturally flavored chewables and other forms of vitamin C have been popular in Canada and are now rolling out in chain drug stores, supermarkets, discounters and other retail outlets across the country.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Sunkist to bring American families these health-enhancing products," continues Hobbis. "We share Sunkist's dedication to quality, and we have created unique, delicious vitamins and supplements that wear the Sunkist label.

"At WN Pharmaceuticals we produce, test and distribute effective vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies--we take nature from the farm to the pharmacy. But the retailers, who are our customers, especially appreciate our dynamic packaging and P-O-P [point-of-purchase] developed especially for Sunkist."

The Sunkist supplements line includes such products as Sunkist Ester-C natural juicy orange 250-mg soft chews (60-count), Sunkist Ester-C chewable orange 250 mg (60 tablets), Sunkist Ester-C easy swallow orange 500 mg (60 tablets), Sunkist Ester-C extra strength 1,000 mg (60 tablets) and Sunkist Omega-3 orange flavor soft chews (50 count).

Also available from the company are Sunkist vitamin C chewable mixed fruit, Sunkist vitamin C chewable orange, Sunkist vita min C chewable citrus, and Sunkist vitamin C easy swallow (all 500 mg and all in 90-tablet packages); Sunkist vitamin C time-release 1,000 mg (60 tablets); Sunkist zinc lozenges with echinacea and mixed flavors (orange, honey-lemon and cherry) (90 count); Sunkist zinc lozenges in orange, honey-lemon and cherry (18-count pouch pak); and Sunkist vitamin C chewable orange 60-mg rolls (12 tablets).
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