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WMIA has big presence at IWF 2002: nearly 100 members will exhibit.

Members of the Woodworking Machinery Importers Association will make a big showing at the largest woodworking show in North America. Nearly 100 WMIA members will exhibit at the 2002 International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Many of the products they display will be shown for the first time ever in North America. Following is an advance scouting report of more than 30 products that will be displayed by WMIA members at IWF 2002.


Atlantic Machinery

Atlantic has introduced Coral's Eurofilter dust collectors in one-, two-or four-bag models. They filter at 64-69 dB and have anti-static cartridge filter bags, the company says. Features include 2-, 3- or 5.5-hp motors, overload protection, manual cleaning of cartridge filters and four casters. Airflow ranges from 1,350 to 3,500 cfm.

(860) 354-7200

IWF Booth #5835

Circle #245


Biesse America

The Arrow FT and Arrow ATS are hybrids of Biesse's technology incorporated into modular designed twin tables. The Arrow series is a flexible machine that offers precision machining and a high-quality finish, according to the company. The FT incorporates a high flow universal vacuum table while the ATS style utilizes the flexible pod system.

(704) 357-3131

IWF Booth #8340

Circle #246


Richard T. Byrnes Co.

The hydraulic-operated Copy-Shaping-Sanding Machine, Model FC from Byrnes/Bacci, was developed for milling and sanding components of chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, beds, frames and other furniture items. The middle working units on the 6- and 8-head machines can be reached by opening a sliding wing with hydraulic control. Basic machine versions may be enhanced by special configurations.

(610) 692-2770

IWF Booth #8162

Circle #247


CMS North America

The CMS Pentax is designed for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining of solid wood and panels. It combines the power, simplicity and economy of a 3-axis milling machine together with the flexibility of 5 interpolated axes, CMS says. The Pentax is for woodworkers engaged in vertical, horizontal and inclined drilling and milling operations, on small, medium- and large-sized panels and solid wood parts.

(616) 698-9970

IWF Booth #5552

Circle #248


CRP Industries

CRP Industries offers 3-phase, high frequency, totally enclosed, fan-cooled Perske router motors.

They feature special lifetime-lubricated, angular contact bearings with a life of at least 5,000 hours, the company says.

(732) 969-2200

IWF Booth #6020

Circle #249


Colonial Saw

Colonial Saw introduces the new Striebig "Evolution" manual vertical panel saw and "Control" automatic saw -- both with 7.5 hp motors, stable frames and many new features like push-button "everything," standard digital measuring and TRK dust system with full support backing grid.

(800) 777-2729 or (800) 252-6355

IWF Booth #6235

Circle #250


Conception RP Inc.

The CRP 2000 fingerjointing system from Conception RP comes equipped with a double shaper with two 20-hp, 4,800 rpm spindle units, 113/16-in. diameter with adjustable speed by a variable frequency drive. The system also includes: two 10-in, trim saws; two 8-in, scoring saws; a self-feeder up to 140 ppm; four feeder rolls with adjustable speeds up to 325 fpm with a pressing force up to 12,000 Ibs; and digital readouts on saws and spindles.

(418) 871-6016

IWF Booth #8241

Circle #251


Danckaert Woodworking Machinery

The Simimpianti throughfeed press, sold through Danckaert, is a high-capacity, semi-automatic or fully automated pressing line. The press, built with heavy angular structures and drilled solid steel platens, is equipped with specially designed rams which guarantee a high uniformity in pressure distribution. Scanners are also sold as an option to increase flexibility and productivity.

(404) 873-6477

IWF Booth #4813

Circle #252


Delle Vedove USA Inc.

Delle Vedove says it offers a comprehensive approach to finishing mouldings with 100% solid UV coatings. The space-saving UVC Vacuum Coater can coat selectively on one or more sections as well as on all four sides in a single pass, according to the company. The FUV Curing Tunnel allows instant curing on wood, veneered or composite mouldings with intricate or simple shapes. No coatings are lost as overspray.

(704) 598-0020

IWF Booth #6253

Circle #253


Delmac Machinery Group

Designed for the custom cabinet and architectural millwork shops, the Busellato JET 2000XL is a heavy-duty, small footprint machine with large machine capabilities. It has a working field of 112 in. x 43 in. x 6.7 in. and a boring head equipped with 12 vertical and 6 horizontal spindles with an integrated grooving saw. The machine can be equipped for heavy-duty routing of solid wood parts with 12.5-hp electro-spindles with C-axis, and a high capacity for tool storage with a 10 position rotary changer. The JET 2000XL comes standard with a PC with Windows NT and is loaded with the Genesis operating system.

(336) 854-1211

IWF Booth #8106

Circle #254



The Progress Model PMC 202-6 is a low-cost, manually operated, 72-in, sanding and polishing machine. Built around an all-welded structure, it features dust hoods on both sides, a table with steel rollers and virtually wear-free balanced and quiet running aluminum pulleys with sealed ball bearings.

(819) 367-2633

IWF Booth #5135

Circle #255


E&R System Technik

The Stegherr KSF-K, a milling machine for kitchen cabinet face frames from E&R System Technik, uses up to three tooling sets at a time that are adjusted pneumatically. With a second tooling set, the KSF-K cuts the right angle joints, and with an additional fence, cuts the cross-joints for arch angles. The KSF-K is provided with three spindles, two cutters and one saw.

(413) 827-7600

IWF Booth #6718

Circle #256



Eurohansa is introducing its newest line of size-reduction machinery. The ZENO ZTH series Knife Hogs and the ZTLL series low speed single-shaft shredders/grinders are now available with the patented Adjustable Anvils, extending life by four times while providing optimum cutting conditions, the company says. Machines are available for 200 lbs/hr up to 120,000 lbs/hr. Individual machines or turn key, automated recycling lines are also available.

(888) 424-4773

IWF Booth #4840

Circle #257



The new generation Contourmat profiling machine from Fruilmac has a heavy-duty base with high accuracy required for component production in the fields of kitchen cabinets, furniture and door frame applications, the company says. The feed system, driven by an electrical or mechanical motor, runs on high-precision linear guides with anti-break-out blocks. Based on a modular system, nearly all production requirements can be done efficiently for small and large batch production.

(800) 282-1690

IWF Booth #6552

Circle #258


Giardina Finishing Systems USA

The Two Headed Robotech GS25 from Giardina Finishing Systems USA offers flexibility and range of motion and features two independently programmable robotic heads. This allows manufacturers to coat flat or already assembled furniture with little overspray. Giardina's patented belt system also allows paint to be recovered, limiting waste. The air filtration system eliminates the need for buffing by producing a cured finish. Low VOCs, high productivity, low waste and low production overhead costs are the highlights of this system, the company says.

(502) 361-1003

IWF Booth #8862

Circle #259


Giben America Inc.

The SuperSmart panel saw from Giben, designed for small shop operations, has a standard cutting length of 3,800mm and a cutting height of 65mm, making it flexible for a wide variety of applications. It incorporates electronic and pneumatic clamps with floating "fingers" that keep material books firmly in place during the entire cutting cycle, up to the last trim cut. Other standard features on the SuperSmart include a saw carriage, four air flotation tables, pneumatic quick blade release, a 15-hp main saw motor and a 1.5-hp scoring saw.

(770) 448-9140

IWF Booth #6335

Circle #260


Grizzly Industrial

The Model G3619 features a 23 3/4-in. by 31 1/2-in. precision ground cast-iron table, a 45[degrees] table tilt capacity, a foot pedal brake, a built-in 4-in. dust port, rack-and-pinion upper blade guide adjustment, computer balanced cast-iron wheels, cast-iron fence and miter gauge and magnetic power switch. Height from floor to table is 34 1/4 in. with an overall machine height of 80 3/4 in. Cutting capacity is 13 3/4 in. high with a throat width of 22 7/8 in.

(800) 523-4777

IWF Booth #4635

Circle #261


Hess Group America

The Mobil edgebanding press from Hess Group America is an alternative method for applying heavy wood edges quickly, typically in less than one minute, according to the company. The Mobil uses heat and white (PVA) glue and has zero changeover for mitered corners or butt corners. Edging thickness, up to 1 1/4 in. standard, with 2 in. or more optional.

(800) 973-4377

IWF Booth #9040

Circle #262


Hoffmann Machine Co.

The Hoffmann MS 35 SF Double Miter Saw is designed for the production of mitered cabinet doors, furniture components, lighting fixtures, RTA frames, etc. The computerized machine cuts two 450 miters and routs the key ways for Hoffmann dovetail keys in one cycle. According to the company, production times can be cut by 70% because no clamps, nails or staples are necessary to assemble the joints.

(631) 589-6322

IWF Booth #6934

Circle #263


Holz-Her U.S. Inc.

Holz-Her U.S. Inc.'s Super-Cut 1225 sizes panels up to 208 in. by 82 in. Its patented dust-extraction system operates through electronically monitored panel support bars that position automatically to allow horizontal rip cuts anywhere on the saw. The 1225's pneumatic tilting/ plunging saw head can house an optional V-grooving blade to cut solid surface material.

(704) 587-3400

IWF Booth #8011

Circle #264


Koch Systems Ltd.

Koch's Sprint-Plus-L single-sided CNC machine features additional 3-axis routing capability, plus vertical and horizontal boring, glue injection and dowel insertion. It is especially designed for small-batch manufacturing of drawer and door parts. The working field is 2,500mm.


IWF Booth #4935

Circle #265


Leuco Tool Corp.

The Leuco Tribos is a new power contraction chuck for both high-frequency CNC machines and standard CNC machines. Leuco has developed this chuck system based on a new principle: power contraction. This new technique now makes it possible to cut up to 40,000 rpm's, according to the company.

(800) 433-1630

IWF Booth #8240

Circle #266


Lobo Machinery Corp.

Lobo offers a selection of widebelt sanders with digital thickness control up to 0.01-in. accuracy. The sanders come with variable feed speeds and a large sanding platen and drum. The company says precision bearing support allows for heavy, smooth sanding.

(562) 949-3747

IWF Booth #6622

Circle #267


Mikron Woodworking Machinery

Mikron says its R200 automatic rosette maker simplifies the time-consuming process. Features include: automatic loading and clamping, hydraulic feed, high-speed cutter and automatic high-speed ejection. It can accommodate blanks from 2.5 in to 5 in.

(800) 496-4589

IWF Booth #4901

Circle #268



The OMGA Stop is a numerically-controlled stop and positioning system. It can be used with a variety of machines such as up-cut saws, radial arm saws, table saws, drills, miter saws, double miter saws and others for wood, plastics and metal. The system comes complete with software for pusher, stop and picture frame applications. The software operates in either millimeters or inches while the input can be in fractional or decimal form. The system includes advanced diagnostic capabilities for ease of troubleshooting.

(800) 233-6642

IWF Booth #8352

Circle #269


Eric Riebling Co., Inc.

The OTT Megatronic, a single or double head widebelt sander from Eric Riebling, is constructed of a heavy machine frame. It is equipped with automatic belt centering, disc-brake for instant stop of sanding belt, contact roller, electronically controlled segment pad, variable feed speed, lacquer sanding and several other options. The OTT is available in widths of 1,100mm and 1,360mm.

(914) 668-4800

IWF Booth #8662

Circle #270



The all new Ergon CNC machining center was designed to machine a wide range of components for the furniture, store fixture, cabinet and contract manufacturing industries. Its new rear unit design allows for easy access and maximizes safety, according to the company, by keeping the workpiece and tooling away from the operator. Productivity is also maximized by its multiple head configuration with independent Z-axis.

(770) 813-8818

IWF Booth #6013

Circle #271



The Computer Numeric Sander (CNS) from QuickWood is a feed-through machine for finishing/sealer sanding of 3-D workpieces. The CNS uses a unique system including a scanner and central computer to determine the edges and profiles of workpieces to accurately place the sanding heads.

(770) 682-8863

IWF Booth #6515

Circle #272


Schmidt Industrial Services

Schmidt Industrial Services -- a Woodworking Machinery specialist -- offers a wide range of used woodworking machinery including Edgebanders, CNC machining centers, CNC routers, boring machines, panel saws, presses, sliding table saws, vertical panel saws, wide belt sanders, jointers, lathes, woodworking software and tenoners. Schmidt carries a variety of woodworking machinery from numerous manufactures including Brandt, Weeke, Holz-Her, Biesse, Homag, Jonsdorf, Heian, SCMI, Busellato, Masterwood, Morbidelli, Ligmatech, OCMAC, Belfab, Butfering, Kuper, Timesaver, AEM, Celfa, Alberti and Lehbrink.

(941) 275-7117

IWF Booth #6435

Circle #273


Stiles Machinery

Stiles Machinery offers Northwood machining centers, which feature an NC-controlled servo moulder head unit. The moulder head has full 3600 C-axis programmability and features an aggregate ready, NC-controlled router spindle with ATC and a 19-spindle, individually selectable drilling unit.

(616) 698-7500

IWF Booth #5413

Circle #274


Tritec Associates

The Gannomat Elite 50 from Tritec drills both vertical and horizontal holes, glues and inserts 8 or more dowels all in a 6 second cycle time. The Elite 50's vertical and horizontal drill heads can be operated independently or in sequence to fully automate the machining of connected holes for RTA Fasteners. All machines functions, including glue amount, are controlled by a fully automatic self-diagnostic PLC unit. The Elite 50 features Gannomat's field tested glue pump design and closed glue system with integrated rinsing to eliminate "glue problems" common with other designs.

(703) 904-7890

IWF Booth #7762

Circle #275


Winternitz Inc. The Winteritz family has been working as auctioneers and appraisers since 1894 assessing and evaluating equipment. All of its auctioneers are appraisers, with direct, up-to-date knowledge of the woodworking industry. Whether a sale spans one day or several days, it begins with assessing and evaluating the equipment on site. The company conducts 50 auctions conducted per year.

(800) 533-8258

Circle #276



Wintersteiger's new carbide tipped saw blades for frame saws offer a higher cutting accuracy, reduced cost in setup time of saw frame and reduced re-sharpening cost, according to the company, and a cutting kerf as low as 0.9mm.

(801) 355-6550

IWF Booth #6360

Circle #277
WMIA at IWF 2002

Nearly 100 WMIA member companies will exhibit at IWF 2002, August 22-25
in Atlanta. They include:

Company Name Booth #

Advanced Machinery 7053
Adwood Corp. 6173
Altendorf America 5413
Amana Tool Corp. 6943
Anderson America Corp. 8640
Atlantic Machinery Corp. 5835
Rudolf Bass 4814
Biesse America 8306
Julius Blum 2537
Brooks Machinery 4845
Richard T. Byrnes Co. 8162
C.P. Tools, Inc. (Transpower) 9162
Cabinet Vision 2143
Carpenters Machinery Co. 8115
CMS North America 5552
CMT USA, Inc. 7562
Colonial Saw Co. 6235
Conception R.P. 8241
Costa & Grissom Machinery Co. 5153
CRP Industries Inc./ Perske 6020
Danckaert Woodworking 4813
Delle Vedove USA 6253
Delmac Machinery Group 8106
Derda, Inc. 6683
Doucet Machineries 5135
E & R System Technik, Inc. 6623
Eurohansa Inc. 4840
European Woodworking Machinery 6053
Evans Machinery 5235
Ex-Factory 6664
Festool 6836
Fezer North America 9262
Fine Woodworking Magazine BC407
Freud 8252
Friulmac 6552
General Mfg. Co. 6973
Giardina Finishing Systems USA 8862
Giben America 6335
Grizzly Industrial 4635
Guhdo-USA 5705
Hess Group America 9040
Hettich America 2115
Hoffmann Machine Company 6934
Holz-Her U.S., Inc. 6035
Hymmen GmbH 5952
IMA America Corp. 7806
Industrial Machinery Sales 6859
Italpresse USA 5152
J & P Machines 7948
Jet/PerformaX/Powermatic 4913
Joos USA, Inc. 8622
Jowat Corporation AC318
Koch Ltd. Machinery & Systems 4935
Leitz Tooling Systems 5834
Leuco Tool Corp. 8240
Lobo Machinery Corp. 6622
LRH Enterprises Inc. 8533
Macoser Inc. 6421
Makor USA Inc. 6453
Masterwood Group USA 8251
Mayer USA Inc. 8606
Mikron Woodworking Machinery 4901
M-M.L.S. Inc. 9063
Modern Woodworking Magazine BC309
Newman Machine Company 7953
Ogden Enterprises 6534
Omga Inc. 8352
Pattern Systems International 2155
Progressive Machinery 8527
Rehau Inc. 2245
Eric Riebling Co. 8662
Sand-Tech/Quickwood Systems 6515
Scarlett Machinery 7510
Schelling America 8206
Schmidt Industrial Services 6435
SCM Group USA, Inc. 6013
Siempelkamp L.P. 6521
Solid Wood Systems, Inc. 6273
Steinemann Technology USA 8414
Stiles Machinery, Inc. 5413
Sunhill Machinery 6353
Tech Mark, Inc. 7826
Tritec / Gannomat 7762
Veneer Systems 8726
Virtual Systems 2355
Weima America 6352
Weinig Group 5553
Wilke Machinery Co. 7852
Wintersteiger 6360
Wood & Wood Products/ CWB AC423
Wood Digest BC402
Woodshop News Magazine BC408
WoodWeb AC349
Woodworkers Supply, Inc. 6972
Woodworking & Furniture Digest AC351

RELATED ARTICLE: WMIA Members Enter 29 Products for Challengers Awards

Twenty-nine of the 113 entries competing for the Challengers Distinguished Achievement Awards at the International Woodworking Fair this year were submitted by members of the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association.

The Challengers Award recognizes advancements in technology or significant contributions to environmental improvement, and focuses on companies that have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technology in products, services or manufacturing techniques.

In mid-July, the top 20 entries will be announced as finalists. The final judging will take place during IWF 2002. Awards will be bestowed during a special ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 22, at 1:30 p.m.

For more information about the competition or IWF, visit
The WMIA entries are:

Member Products

Altendorf America: Altendorf ELMO
Biesse America: ATS Advanced Table-Setting System
Biesse America: Biesse Stream Edgebanding
 Patented Glue System
Colonial Saw Co: Striebig Control vertical panel saw
Evans Machinery: Pneumatic Tilting Laminate Rack
Festool: Duplex Linear Sander
Giben International: Ergonflow Table
Holzma,: New Side Pressure Device
Div. of Stiles Machinery
IMA, Homag, Leitz and Leuco: i-System tooling
IMA America: IFS System for cabinet assembly
Koch Machinery: Woodeye Vision Optimization
and Paul Saws and Grading Scanner
* L.R.H. Enterprises: Magic Molder tooling
Ogden Enterprises: Terminator High Speed Frame Saw
Panhans: Panhans HWS 45
Sand-Tech/QuickWood: QuickWood CNS Machine
Stiles Machinery Inc.: Homag Modular Design Flexible
 Processing Center
Stiles Machinery Inc.: Friz Throughfeed Lamination of 3-D
 Profiled Surfaces
Stiles Machinery Inc.: Kuper Veneer Cross Feed Splicer
Stiles Machinery Inc.: Stiles Education Virtual University
Stiles Machinery Inc.: Heian Stack Router F.A. Line
Tech Mark Inc.: Beaded Face Frame Chopper
* Weima America Inc.: Beaver 1300 grinder
* Weima America Inc.: Leopard Jumbo grinder
* Weima America Inc.: WL series grinders
Weinig Group: ProfiPress for edge gluing
Weinig Group, Raimann: Straight Line Replacement
 Solution -- Valu-Rip SLR
Weinig Group and Grecon Dimter: OptiCut Work Cell
 with MillVision software
Wintersteiger: Thin Cutting Circular Saw
** WoodWorker's Supply: Bear Paw Clamp Pads

* WMIA Associate Member

** WMIA Distributor Member
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