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WSI Corporation, Andover, Mass., the most trusted weather decision support provider in the aviation industry, has announced the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation has awarded WSI a contract to provide WSI Pilotbrief(TM) weather briefing stations throughout the State of Wisconsin. WSI will furnish Pilotbrief systems at 93 locations throughout the state, in addition to providing access to WSI's Pilotbrief Online(TM) internet briefing service for the 10,000 plus pilots residing in Wisconsin.

Both the airport-based and Pilotbrief Online briefing systems will feature WSI's new Interactive Map capability. The Interactive Map displays a global, pole-to-pole, high resolution digital elevation model with weather, hazard and route overlays. The map also features intuitive graphical briefing modes that walk the user though the process of choosing a route and obtaining a weather briefing. WSI Pilotbrief Online is one in a series of proactive operations management solutions offered by WSI that transform weather information into safer and more efficient flight and airport operations.

"We are delighted to be partnered with WisDOT on such an important and innovative program. We believe that the DOT's proactive stance on aviation safety combined with Pilotbrief's intuitive aviation-quality weather products will significantly enhance safety and situational awareness for pilots operating in the State of Wisconsin" stated Mark D. Miller, GM of Aviation at WSI.

WSI Pilotbrief weather briefing terminals will be available at the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation booth next week during EAA's Airventure Convention in Oshkosh. Pilots can stop by to receive a weather briefing during the show.

About WSI Pilotbrief Online

WSI Pilotbrief Online is the FAA QICP certified part of the award-winning WSI Pilotbrief weather service suite, which is consistently voted #1 by professional pilots in reader surveys. Each day, thousands of aviation professionals trust the WSI Pilotbrief systems found at the nation's top FBOs and corporate flight departments to provide the highest quality information and to plan safe flights. Pilotbrief Online provides direct access to WSI's industry standard aviation products including WSI NOWrad(R) radar imagery, Radar Summary with Echo Tops, IR and Visible Satellite imagery as well as international radar. WSI also delivers critical aviation weather information such as public and proprietary PIREPs, SIGMETs, and AIRMETs, METARs, TAFs, and NOTAMs. WSI Pilotbrief Online also features WSI's global SIGMET alerts and Flight Plan Guidance forecasts for turbulence, convection, icing, and volcanic ash.

About WSI Corporation

WSI Corporation is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media and energy markets. WSI's proactive operation management suite ensures common situational awareness and continuity in decisions through every phase of flight. Voted the #1 service by professional pilots for 10 consecutive years, WSI Pilotbrief(TM) provides professional pilots with a comprehensive preflight briefing prior to takeoff, helping pilots plan safe and efficient operations. WSI InFlight(R) provides pilots real-time and on-demand graphic weather information in the cockpit, improving safety and weather-avoidance routing in-flight. WSI Fusion enables flight operators to stay ahead of changing operational conditions and take immediate action, improving safety and operational performance. WSI Hubcast(TM) provides airport stakeholders with precise terminal forecasts to proactively plan traffic flow, snow removal, and deicing operations. WSI also provides cockpit weather services via the FAA's Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Flight Information Services including Capstone and SafeFlight 21. Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, England, WSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landmark Communications, Inc.

About WisDOT

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) was officially established in 1967 by combining formerly independent agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles (which included the State Highway Commission, State Aeronautics Commission and State Patrol).

WisDOT supports all forms of transportation and is responsible for planning, building and maintaining Wisconsin's network of state highways and Interstate highway system. The department shares the costs of building and operating county and local transportation systems -- from highways to public transit and other modes. WisDOT plans, promotes and financially supports statewide air, rail and water transportation, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The department works closely with other state, federal and local agencies to meet changing and growing travel needs. Transportation impacts everyone and WisDOT is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and highest quality transportation services to best serve the needs of the state, its citizens and many visitors. The department is made up of three executive offices and five divisions organized according to transportation function. WisDOT's main office is located in Madison, but the department maintains regional offices throughout the state as a way to preserve the local approach to transportation development and better serve customer needs.

For more information call (800)USA-2FLY, or 978/983-6756 or visit
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