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ERUCES Inc., Kansas City, Kansas, a provider of innovative security software that prevents unauthorized users from reading or tampering with protected data, has announced that NovaSync Corporation has selected the ERUCES Tricryption Engine to protect data held on wireless healthcare applications. Under terms of the agreement, ERUCES and NovaSync, a leading developer of mobile applications for the healthcare industry, will also participate in joint marketing activities.

"At NovaSync, the top priorities for wireless healthcare applications are security and privacy. As we develop additional technologies, clients will benefit from the strong data protection technology that the ERUCES Tricryption Engine provides. This offering will also help customers meet security and privacy guidelines established by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)," said Joseph Harvey, president, NovaSync Corporation.

Wireless technologies are enabling employees to access data faster and increase productivity. Many healthcare organizations collaborate on a wide scale with outside entities as well as function in a campus environment that typically has multiple locations, buildings and facilities. Therefore, when implementing a wireless strategy into a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) it is imperative that the additional security and business risks are taken into consideration. Wireless devices and networks must be properly planned and implemented to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data.

"Research has shown that the healthcare industry is leading the way in the adoption of wireless devices. Wireless technologies allow medical professionals to communicate more efficiently and collaborate like never before," said Dario Berini, vice president of finance and healthcare markets for ERUCES. "NovaSync has not only demonstrated that it has tremendous knowledge of what type of applications are needed in the healthcare field, but the company is also committed to developing the best solutions with the highest levels of security and privacy to eliminate potential risks."

The ERUCES Tricryption Engine is a patent-pending database encryption system that uses industry standard algorithms and integrates with NovaSync's application platform. The Tricryption Engine employs a unique triple encryption process that prevents unauthorized access to confidential information stored in the database. The Tricryption Engine provides the highest level of data security possible, today, by using standard algorithms and dynamic key management.

About NovaSync

NovaSync Corporation is a leading mobile solutions provider to the healthcare and food/beverage industries. In addition to HomeCare Planner(TM), NovaSync's healthcare applications include: Pocket Point of Care(TM) and Resident Tracker. To learn more, visit or call 631-847-3540, ext. 16.


ERUCES is a security software company that allows industry leaders to implement the highest level of data security possible. With the ERUCES Tricryption Engine, confidential information in storage is completely protected, leaving hackers and malicious unauthorized users with unreadable text. The ERUCES solution ensures that stored data is not tampered with, and that the data remains unchanged and intact. ERUCES is a rapidly growing, privately held company headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tampa, Washington, DC and operates an Asia Pacific office in Singapore.

For further information, visit or call (913)310-0888.

In March 2002, the ERUCES Tricryption Engine received Cryptography Product Certification from the International Computer Security Association (ICSA). IBM also provided a Tricryption Engine validation through an "ethical hack" in January 2002.

For more information, call 312/240-2764.
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