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 CALABASSAS, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The wireless communications industry has become well-connected. OverNET, a computer bulletin board service dedicated to people and businesses involved with cellular, paging, mobile radio, and personal communications is online, ushering in a unique industry-specific method of communication.
 "Information about this industry is important to me, and I couldn't find everything that I needed in one place," says Scott Goldman, OverNET's creator and a well-known consultant in the wireless industry. "I was getting information from a variety of sources every day. It was taking a lot of time and wasn't cost-effective. I designed OverNET to put all this critical information into one place as an affordable, easy- to-use service."
 OverNET works with any computer and modem and can be tried free for 30 days. The customized Macintosh and Windows access software makes it easy for anyone to take advantage of this new information hub designed specifically for the wireless communication industry. OverNET provides:
 -- Industry news posted daily from a variety of domestic, international, and government news services. Hundreds of stories online and archived in this area (and every other area on OverNET) can be quickly searched by a keyword or phrase and then printed or saved to one's computer.
 -- Specialized conference areas. Associations (AMTA, CTIA, NACA, and Telocator), manufacturers, service providers, and distributors host these areas online to answer questions, post new product announcements, update important information, and participate in group "discussions."
 -- The FCC Daily Digest online daily. The Digest, which chronicles the activities of the FCC, is critical to anyone following regulatory matters. Archives of previous Digests are kept online and are easy to search or download to one's own computer.
 -- An online library of archives from the Telocator Bulletin and other trade publications, ideal for research, strategic planning, and competitive analysis.
 -- A powerful electronic mail system that links all OverNET subscribers in compete privacy. Subscribers are already using it to provide online customer service, to stay connected with remote offices, staff, or their own headquarters when working off site.
 -- Special areas for posting open questions about issues and problems common to colleagues and vendors. Areas include Classified Ads for personnel, equipment, tower sites, etc.
 An annual subscription providing unlimited access to OverNET is only $216. The subscription includes the customized graphical interface software to access the service and a User Reference guide. A start-up kit can be obtained with 30 days of online usage and software free by calling 800-OVERNET or faxing shipping information (including software preference) to 818-880-0737.
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 /CONTACT: Scott Goldman of OverNET, 818-880-5400/

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Date:Jan 5, 1994

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