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WinNet MCS, Inc. has launched a point-to-point wireless Fast Ethernet systems operating at 29GHz designed specifically for the LMDS market. WinNet has contracted with a leading LMDS- system provider to deliver its WIN-129 radios operating at Fast Ethernet speeds of 100Mbps.

WinNet's point-to-point WIN-129 wireless system, optimized for IP transport, offers LMDS service providers a new level of flexibility in network planning and a new source of revenues. The system can be used for multiple purposes within a LMDS network. As a high speed data link for interconnecting hub sites it eliminates the prohibitive and costly delays associated with utilizing leased line copper or fiber facilities to reach across metro areas.

As an overlay to the point-to-multipoint systems being utilized to provide service to the smaller business and consumers, it serves as is a vehicle for providing "big pipe" last mile service to mid/high tier businesses and Multiple Tenant Units (MTUs), thus opening an important new market and revenue opportunities for the service provider.

Operating at the 29GHz frequency means that LMDS service providers already licensed at 29GHz can install a WIN-129 system, turn it on and start generating additional revenue dollars immediately, without the delays associated with obtaining additional operating licenses from the FCC. Both backbone and access applications offer significantly reduced time-to-service, low installation costs, and superior price/performance, when compared with copper- or fiber-based alternatives.

"The LMDS market is at the cusp of exponential growth and WinNet's WIN-129 system is ideal for LMDS carriers needing to quickly bridge the gap for customers in need of faultless connectivity at 100Mbps," said Moshe Nattiv, founder, president and CEO of WinNet MCS, Inc. "With close to 1,000 licenses already granted for LMDS operators in the US, there is a substantial opportunity for these providers to expand their service with higher bandwidth, wireless Fast Ethernet connections that can be deployed just as quickly and easily as other lower bandwidth options."

The WIN-129 radios feature highly integrated lightweight design for fast and convenient rooftop placement and utilize existing in-building cabling, enabling high-bandwidth links to be up and running in a matter of hours instead of the weeks and sometimes months required for competitive transport alternatives. Their small size and low profile allow for installations which are entirely hidden or blend easily into the environment.

The system features an integral SNMP agent and an HTTP web-based network management function, accessible via a LAN port or a serial port, locally or remotely via the Internet. It is compatible with and integrates well with higher level SNMP systems such as HP's OpenView.

WinNet has accurately forecasted the widespread acceptance of broadband wireless telecommunications and data over IP as an industry standard for next generation metropolitan networking. The company's Fast Ethernet wireless systems support the need for an easy-to-deploy, high bandwidth metropolitan infrastructure which seamlessly integrates with of-the-shelf network routing equipment.

The WIN-129 system is the latest addition to the WinNet family of point to point microwave radio terminals currently available at the 23, 26 and 38GHz frequency bands. As with all WinNet systems, the WIN-129 provides full duplex, wire-speed, low latency 100 Mbps performance along with an integrated SNMP agent and HTTP web-based network management function.

About WinNet MCS, Inc.

WinNet Metropolitan Communications Systems (MCS) Inc., is the first company to provide a new class of data-optimized, wireless communication solutions to support the exponential growth of data traffic in private and public metropolitan area networks. The company's WIN-100 product family combines Fast Ethernet and wireless technologies for unparalleled data throughput and radio performance. The WIN-100 can be deployed as infrastructure for private enterprise campus networks or as a key component is service providers' public metropolitan data networks. WinNet was founded in 1997, is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and is privately funded. The company sells its products through OEMs and value-added distribution channels worldwide. WinNet MCS, Inc. is located on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 408/522-8700.
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Date:Mar 1, 2000

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