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WIMG members choose leadership for 1993.

The Women in Municipal Government's board of directors met on Sunday, November 29th to accept the slate of 1993 officers and board members. The 1993 officers of WIMG are, President: Abbe Land, councilmember, W. Hollywood, Calif.; First Vice President, Margaret Carroll Barrett, councilwoman, Jackson, Miss. Second Vice President Maryann Mahaffey, Council President, Detroit, Mich. Communications Officer Sheila Jackson Lee, councilmember, Houston, Tex.; and Immediate Past President Beth Boosalis Davis, Alderwoman, Evanston, Ill.

The board appointments for 1993 were made for two-and one-year terms. Ouida MacGregor, councillor, Santa Fe, N.M. will serve a one-year term.

Serving two-year terms are: Sue Baum, mayor, Creve Coeur, Mo.; JoAnn Boscia, councilmember, Lakewood, Ohio; Martha Choe, Councilmember, Seattle, Wash.; Teresa Ann Isaac, vice mayor, Lexington, Ky.; Deanna Koski, Sterling Heights, Mich.; Mary Watson Nooe, councilmember, Raleigh, N.C.; Judith Olson, councilmember, Madison, Wisc.; Nancy Padilla, councilmember, Rochester, N.Y.; Amber Travsky, mayor, Laramie, Wyo. and Alice Wolf, Councillor, Cambridge, Mass.

For more information about the Women in Municipal Government caucus, please contact Kathryn Shane McCarty, staff liaison, at (202) 626-3181.
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Title Annotation:includes related articles on a brunch and on a leadership seminar; Women in Municipal Government
Author:McCarty, Kathryn Shane
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 14, 1992
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