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WIMG group continues support for women and children.

Mamye BaCote, councilwoman, Newport News, Va., was elected president of the 2003 Board of Directors of Women in Municipal Government (WIMG), at the Congress of Cities in Salt Lake City. She was elected during the group's membership meeting.

"Our goal in WIMG is to continue to advocate for women and children in need of improving their quality of life," BaCote said. "We will continue our partnership with NLC's Institute for Youth, Education, and Families to work to this goal."

At NLC and the Virginia Municipal League, BaCote has been active with the Human Development (HD) Steering Committee. She has served on the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) Board of Directors.

Along with BaCote, the new WIMG officers are: JoAnn Thomas, councilwoman, Florence, Ala. (first vice president); Mamie Locke, mayor, Hampton, Va. (second vice president); Leanna "Lee" Mirsky, commissioner, Lauderhill, Fla. (communications officer); and Rita Sims Franklin, council president pro tem, Selma, Ala. (immediate past president).

Board members elected to serve in 2003 are: Margaret Bates, vice mayor, Lauderhill, Fla.; Gwyndolen Clarke Reed, vice mayor, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; Erlinda Gonzales, councilwoman, Taos, N.M.; Cheryl Grossman, mayor, Grove City, Ohio; Helen Kawagoe, city clerk, Carson, Calif.; Julia Miller, mayor, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Charlotte Moore, city treasurer, East St. Louis, Mo.; Antoniette "Toni" Moorhouse, councilwoman, San Antonio, Tex.; Kay Senter, councilwoman, Morristown, Tenn.; Susan Shoemaker, councilwoman, Pontiac, Mich.; Juanita Smith, commissioner, Florida City, Florida; Betsy Stockard, councilwoman, Decatur, Illinois; Joyce Streator, councilwoman, Pasadena, California; Nola Theiss, councilwoman, Sanibel, Florida; Maxine Wilson, councilwoman, Tijeras, N.M.; and Shelia Young, mayor, San Leandro, Calif.

The Advisory Council consists of WIMG's past presidents who are currently in elected municipal office. They include: Margaret Barrett-Simon, councilwoman, Jackson, Miss.; Deanna Koski, councilwoman, Sterling Heights, Mich.; Lara Larramendi Blakely, mayor, Monrovia, Calif.; Maryann Mahaffey, council president, Detroit, Mich.; Marie Lopez Rogers, vice mayor, Avondale, Ariz,; and Marian B. Tasco, councilwoman and majority whip, Philadelphia, Pa.

Also at this year's Congress of Cities, WIMG cosponsored a NLC Leadership Training Institute pre-conference seminar entitled Speak and Make a Difference, which was led by Donna Hartley, president, Hartley International. Participants at the full session learned how preparation, presentation and persuasion can expand leadership and help set positive change in motion within communities.

WIMG also cosponsored a workshop entitled Predatory Lending: Protecting our Neighborhoods with NBC-LEO, featuring Good Housekeeping Awards for Women in Government winner, and past WIMG President, Marian B. Tasco.

She left participants with the important charge of assisting those in need with advice, counseling, and continuing lobbying efforts both locally and at a national level.

WIMG convened its annual Congress of Cities luncheon featuring keynote speaker, Leticia Medina, director of the Utah State Office of Hispanic Affairs. Medina spoke on her personal experience with gangs in California, and her move to Salt Lake City.

Medina encouraged WIMG members to reach out to young women as mentors and teach them the skills they have learned as leaders in their communities.

For the first time during the Congress of Cities, WIMG sponsored a Networking Reception. Outgoing President Rita Franklin remarked, "It was a great turnout for our first reception. We look forward to engaging more young, women throughout our programming in years to come."

The event was well received and women municipal leaders from around the country were able to interact with each other in a more comfortable environment. The reception included young women attending the conference as youth delegates.

The WIMG Board of Directors will be holding a Summer Conference and Board of Directors Meeting in Newport News, Va., with the tentative dates set for July 10-12.

More information will be made available soon to WIMG members who may be interested in participating.

For more information and membership opportunities regarding WIMG, log on to NLC's home page,, or contact NLC's WIMG staff at (202) 626-3169.
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Title Annotation:Women in Municipal Government elects officials at the 2002 Congress of Cities convention
Author:Castro, Cielo V.
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 23, 2002
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