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WIMG Board will explore new theme for '94.

Among the many issues and activities discussed at this year's Women in Municipal Government Board of Directors meeting recently held at the Congress of Cities in Orlando, the theme of "Violence in the Family" emerged as the subject that the hoard and its membership will focus on over the. coming year. The areas of juvenile and domestic violence will be subjects that WIMG will examine for policy recommendations and workshop presentations in 1994.

At the Orlando board meeting, WIMG reviewed its activities relating to its summer board meeting and its highly successful fall conference, "Community Resources Conference," sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons. New brochures about WIMG and promotional items were also made available for the board and the overall membership.

1993 WIMG President Abbe Land stated, "Women have made a difference on the political landscape this year, especially in terms of having impact on the Brady Bill. We, as women, are at the table making a difference. We also want to acknowledge the men who help us."

The Board of Directors officers for 1994 are: Margaret Barrett, President and Councilwoman, City of Jackson, Miss.; Maryann Mahaffey, First Vice President and Council President, City of Detroit, Mich.; Sheila Jackson-Lee, Second Vice President and Council member, City of Houston, Tex.; Immediate Past President Abbe Land, city of west Hollywood, Calif.; and JoAnn Boscia, Communications Officer and Councilwoman-at-Large, City of Lakewood, Ohio.

For more information about WIMG and memberships, contact Chris Becker or Mary Gordon, WIMG. Staff Liaisons at NLC at (202) 626-3000.
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Title Annotation:Women in Municipal Government Board of Directors, 'Violence in the Family' theme
Author:Gordon, Mary France
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jan 3, 1994
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