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 CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Wilshire Contamination Control (AMEX: WIL) announced the launch of its initial product in the DuraCLEAN glove line for the contamination control industry at the recent Semi-con show in San Francisco. The trade show was attended by the major semiconductor customers in the world. Wilshire Contamination Control introduced the DuraCLEAN glove, which is the cleanest glove ever introduced in the contamination control industry. Other advantages of the produce are its breathability, durability and comfort. Several customers have placed initial evaluation orders and are proceeding with fully evaluating the product for production use.
 "We are very pleased with the beta site results and customer feedback from our diecut version of DuraCLEAN. We believe DuraCLEAN will become the leading glove in the clean room industry since it is the only glove that fully meets the demands of the critical environments found in most of the top microelectronics firms today," stated Fred Pisacane, president of Wilshire Contamination Control. "We are still on schedule to introduce the dipped version of the DuraCLEAN glove when our production equipment is fully operational, which we anticipate will be October of 1993. This will allow us to have a DuraCLEAN glove that is priced competitively with any premium clean room glove, yet has several significant advantages, including better feel and fit over the diecut version," stated Walter Seemayer, vice president of Engineering at Wilshire Contamination Control.
 Wilshire Technologies, through its division of Wilshire Contamination Control, recently announced that it had terminated the polymer license from Tyndale Plains Hunter for gloves and instead had executed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Innovative Technologies for use of its polymer in all medical and clean room glove applications. Additionally, Wilshire Contamination Control will be producing the gloves on a stand-alone basis and has terminated its joint venture with Tillotson, which had been set up primarily to produce the dipped glove with the TPH polymer. "The termination of the joint venture allows Wilshire Technologies to have 100 percent ownership of its DuraCLEAN project. The excellent progress we have made from a manufacturing and engineering standpoint, coupled with the outstanding hydrophilic polymer license from Innovative Technologies, yields Wilshire Technologies full control if its destiny on this very exciting product. We expect that this will enable us to sell the DuraCLEAN glove at a more competitive price while yielding higher gross profit margins," stated Michael W. Crow, chairman and chief executive officer of Wilshire Technologies Inc. The terms and conditions of the license from Innovative Technologies for the glove applications were not disclosed, but the company stated the total costs were in line with the previous scheduled payments to Tyndale Plains Hunter.
 Wilshire Medical Products, a division of Wilshire Technologies Inc., plans to introduce a non-allergenic, powder-free medical glove in early 1994 after receiving 510K Food and Drug Administration approval. It is anticipated the glove will be produced at the same plant location as that used for the DuraCLEAN glove for Wilshire Contamination Control.
 Wilshire Technologies develops, manufactures and markets disposable products for medical and clean room use. It has focused on proprietary products that incorporate its engineered materials, acquired polyurethane and other technologies and its expertise in materials fabrication.
 -0- 8/4/93
 /CONTACT: Michael W. Crow, chairman and CEO, or Peter F. Kuebler, VP & CFO, of Wilshire Technologies, or Fred Pisacane, president of Wilshire Contamination Control, 619-929-7200/

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Date:Aug 4, 1993

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