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WILPF treasurer's report.

Two WILPF Congresses this summer--National in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the International in San Jose, Costa Rica--have left me quite excited about the mission and work of WILPF. At both conferences, we were privileged to hear from our new International Secretary-General, Madeleine Rees. Her articulate and encouraging message reminded us of WILPF's importance as a long-standing participant in international efforts to pressure both individual governments and the United Nations to include the human security needs of women and children in policies and actions. Our role in advocating military disarmament, human rights, conflict-free environments, access to safe water, food, and healthcare, and education has made WILPF a valuable resource to other NGOs.

After hearing both Madeleine Rees and our new National Director, Tanya Henderson, I was struck by the essential need to continue funding both National and International WILPF so that our offices in Boston and Geneva will continue to stay open with adequate staff for their needs. So, I have provided below a brief explanation of how we spend the money paid in dues and donations. Please note that the information in this report is from the finance reports of June 30, 201 1.

Large donors are often willing to fund specific projects, but the day-to-day expenses of maintaining a well-functioning organization come from the whole membership, in whatever amounts we are able to contribute. Our dues include a mandatory $15 fee, which is sent to the International WILPF as part of our Section' s responsibility. An additional $3 goes to the expenses of publishing and mailing Peace & Freedom twice a year. The remaining funds must to be used for staff salaries, office maintenance, and national projects. In the coming weeks, all members will receive an appeal to give additional financial support to National WILPF, and we also hope to send additional funds to the International WILPF office in Geneva. As one of the wealthiest sections of WILPF, we have a moral obligation to give above and beyond our mandated support to the Geneva office.

A brief report of our profit and loss is included at left. For those who would like to view more complete accounts, please let us know.

As you see, our expenses are exceeding our income. We have increased our staff in order to better serve and communicate with members. Tanya and Laurie both work hard to pursue additional sources of revenue, which are needed to cover the expense of two full-time staff members, several consultants, a bookkeeper, Peace & Freedom editor, and web-site developer.

In spite of our increased expenses, we are in better shape fiscally than the International office, hence my plea for contributions to aid both National and International WILPF.

By Eva Havlicsek, Treasurer
WILPF Profit & Loss Jan 1--June 11, 2011

Ordinary          Jan-Jun 2011    Budget         Annual
Income/                                          Budget

  Total Income    170,264.48     262,520.94      418,356.00
  Total Expense   196,531.01     265,261.50      439,197.24
  Net Income      -26,268.53      -1,840.56      -20,841.24

WILPF Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison
(Accrue/Basis)   June 30, 2011   June 30, 2010   % Change     % Change

TOTAL ASSETS      413,376.35     494.959.43      -51,582.08    11.09%
  Total            39,729.49      32,973.74        6,755.75    20.49%
  Total Equity    373,646.86     431,984.89       58,337.83    13.51%

EQUITY            413,376.35     464,958.43      -51,582.08   -11.09%
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Title Annotation:Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Author:Havlicsek, Eva
Publication:Peace and Freedom
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Date:Sep 22, 2011
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