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WILPF continues to be in the forefront of movement politics.

Look at all that has been going on with WILPF at all levels locally, nationally, and internationally: The Whistleblower movie, the Consultancy on, and release of, the National Action Plan (; the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence/Blow the Whistle project internationally; the Occupy Movement in its myriad forms; national action against the XL Keystone Pipeline; and many local actions besides.

This coming year promises even more action--in local city council meetings where our members are pushing stands on Move to Amend and Bring the War Dollars Home; in state and national elections with issues of justice, equity, and the environment; and in new calls on the U.N. and national governments to change the paradigm around war and destructive economics.

Our many branches publish their news in diverse formats and timeframes. Some produce monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or as needed announcements. Some distribute paper editions, electronic editions, or e-alerts. And some just send me an annual "X-mas Letter" summary of their highlights and actions. There are some great newsletters out there; send them to me.

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Title Annotation:Branch Action News
Author:Pinkel, Georgia
Publication:Peace and Freedom
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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