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Plymouth 'could host House of Lords' CABINET MINISTER KEEN TO SEND PEERS OUT OF CAPITAL. May 17, 2022 650
Currency trader reveals extent of hostility; GURVIN SINGH SAYS HE HAD TO COPE WITH DEATH THREATS. May 16, 2022 703
Interest in city centre property is increasing. May 16, 2022 536
Focus on community as new town's next phase is started; rest and play will be key - developers. May 14, 2022 603
Union attacks plans to close insolvency office. May 14, 2022 364
Jewellery firm ready to open new showroom; MICHAEL SPIERS INVESTS PS1M IN CORNWALL STREET SHOP. May 13, 2022 451
Redevelopment work underway at Dockyard; NEW FACILITY WILL MAINTAIN ROYAL NAVY SUBMARINES. May 13, 2022 500
'Good case' to save city airport. May 12, 2022 607
Invicta goes on sale for PS2.25m; georgian 'boutique' hotel one of city's most popular. May 12, 2022 541
St Austell Brewery declares PS11.3m profit; SALES RECOVER IN STYLE AFTER END OF LAST YEAR'S LOCKDOWN. Financial report May 12, 2022 669
Submarine contract boost for Dockyard. May 11, 2022 402
City promotes itself as a cruise destination to USA; aim is to bring thousands more visitors to plymouth. May 11, 2022 800
Call for budding horror and fantasy writers; sales of dark fantasy novels are soaring! May 9, 2022 583
Royal Citadel opens up for public viewings; FORTRESS IS HOME TO ALL SECTIONS OF UK MILITARY FORCES. May 3, 2022 433
Top chef reveals how he found himself homeless; HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY GAVE GORTON SENSE OF PURPOSE. May 3, 2022 655
Offering shelter to those in dire need; STRUCTURE CREATED IN CITY FOR EXPORT. May 2, 2022 810
Mara has a marvellous surprise for new home; two arrivals become three ... and public can now help name the baby. Apr 30, 2022 720
Savers' money safe as credit union collapses; ... but loans have to be repaid. Apr 30, 2022 344
Green tech brings bill of up to PS40k; UPHEAVAL FOR NEARLY ALL HOME-OWNERS. Apr 30, 2022 586
Petition calls for housing scheme to be approved; bid to tackle crisis facing the young. Apr 30, 2022 485
Sutton Harbour brings in funds; MONEY TO GET ON WITH WATERFRONT FLATS. Apr 29, 2022 499
Caprice and Ben hail brain tumour research centre; celebrity model celebrates 5 years clear of disease. Apr 29, 2022 635
Queen's Award for city firm; HONOUR 'REFLECTS COMMUNITY WORK' SAYS BOSS OF SDS. Apr 27, 2022 619
Loungers reveals strong sales; FIRM ABOUT TO OPEN ITS THIRD SITE IN PLYMOUTH. Apr 27, 2022 396
Tungsten mine firm is looking to future. Apr 26, 2022 514
Ferry firm will not treat staff in P&O fashion; DEBT TO REPAY BUT MORALS MATTER FOR FRENCH OUTFIT. Apr 26, 2022 778
Superdrug announces move into city mall; DRAKE CIRCUS WELCOMES NEW ARRIVAL AT CENTRE. Apr 25, 2022 477
Ferry company chief refuses to copy P&O tactic; using cheap crews 'against values'. Apr 23, 2022 531
Mine plans on hold as war brings rising costs; FIRM LOOKS AT OTHER WAYS OF RESTARTING OPERATIONS. Apr 23, 2022 460
Ferry firm says port needs to be modernised; FREIGHT IS THE FUTURE, SAYS BRITTANY FERRIES CHIEF. Apr 22, 2022 672
Funding described as 'useless' NEW REPLACEMENTS FOR EU MONEY ARE CRITICISED. Apr 21, 2022 364
Entrepreneur explains mushroom cultivation; GROW-YOUR-OWN KITS FOR HUNGRY CUSTOMERS. Apr 20, 2022 372
Trust helping school to turn around fortunes; ALL SAINTS ACADEMY WAS ALMOST PS623K IN THE RED. Apr 20, 2022 512
Can 3D meat really cut the mustard? VEGAN REPORTER FINDS OUT... Apr 18, 2022 573
Judge bans fuel depot chaos; injunction. prevents environment activists from damaging site. Apr 16, 2022 395
Cabbies urging council to think again on policy; FEARS DRIVERS WILL CHOOSE TO LEAVE. Apr 16, 2022 689
Price rises leaving families struggling; INFLATION HITS 7%, WHICH IS 30-YEAR HIGH. Apr 16, 2022 654
'Exemplary' behaviour sees school picked as PS10m leader; MARINE ACADEMY PRIMARY SELECTED FOR HUB INITIATIVE. Apr 15, 2022 648
Plan for event so LGBTQ+ firms can get together; OUTBRITAIN FOUNDER WANTS NETWORKING MEETING IN CITY. Apr 15, 2022 533
Bounce-back in demand for city luxury bedmaker; VI-SPRING PROFITS MORE THAN DOUBLE AS ITS SALES SOAR. Financial report Apr 15, 2022 595
Profit surge for James Brent's company; ex-argyle boss and wife collect PS300k dividends. Apr 14, 2022 417
Babcock is still looking after ex-HMS Ocean... .... four years after the former helicopter carrier was sold to brazil. Apr 13, 2022 499
Water bills look set to drop in year to come; PENNON PLEDGES TO REDUCE CHARGES. Apr 13, 2022 484
Ruined Raglan Gatehouse for sale at PS300k; LIKELY TO BE TURNED INTO FLATS AFTER AUCTION... Apr 13, 2022 762
Midas unpaid debts 'likely to top PS60m'. Apr 12, 2022 425
Scarcity of cabs set to worsen as drivers retire; warning as many plmouth taxi drivers prepare to go. Apr 11, 2022 477
Motorists are warned to be ready to pay up; TAMARTAG FEES SET TO RISE AT START OF NEXT MONTH. Apr 11, 2022 661
'How can this all be happening in the 21st century?' more seeking help as bills and prices rocket. Apr 9, 2022 709
Cabbies are spared the 'knowledge' after slip-up; council admits it should have changed policy text. Apr 9, 2022 474
Ice Age antics in community play; theatre group's 'floody nora' offers easter fun for families. Apr 8, 2022 355
Arts Cinema given PS45k to protect jobs after Covid. Apr 8, 2022 554
Children plant city's first urban 'forest' at school; pioneering project plants 220 trees. Apr 7, 2022 565
Fences go up at tungsten mine - to keep deer out; thriving animal population eating newly planted trees. Apr 7, 2022 659
MP's quest to preserve city's grand heritage; POLLARD COMPILES LIST OF BUILDINGS DEEMED AT RISK. Apr 7, 2022 687
Cabbies complain as customers are in dark. Apr 7, 2022 675
Invasion and inflation hit business confidence. Apr 6, 2022 519
College awarded Google status for digital learning; CITY COLLEGE IS FIRST IN SOUTH WEST. Apr 6, 2022 487
Old hotel is transformed as new cafe boosts area; TERRA NOVA BRINGS FRESH TASTES TO DEVONPORT. Apr 6, 2022 623
'Farcical' visa rules blamed as family stranded; escape from ukraine goes smoothly until uk red tape misery. Apr 5, 2022 611
40 jobs on offer at new Hub Box; FLAGSHIP OUTLET TO OPEN AT ROYAL WILLIAM YARD. Apr 5, 2022 565
City firm publicises options for car charging; ROADSHOW SET TO PROVIDE KEY FACTS FOR MOTORISTS. Apr 5, 2022 454
Hi-tech firm sees PS7.8m profit and high sales; GLOBAL DEMAND FOR THEIR MICRO LED TECHNOLOGY. Financial report Apr 1, 2022 447
X-ray machines to scan for mine's valuable ore; WORK HAS BEGUN ON PLANT TO HOUSE 'ORE SORTERS'. Mar 30, 2022 750
Crusade to close loophole costing billions in lost pay; BID TO STOP UMBRELLA FIRMS WITHHOLDING HOLIDAY PAY FROM FREELANCERS. Mar 30, 2022 637
Full steam ahead on yacht sales; PRINCESS YACHTS SELLS PS64M WORTH OF BOATS IN USA IN JUST FIVE DAYS. Mar 30, 2022 661
'Sofa' cinema could be most expensive in city; plans 'well advanced' for three-screen picture house in royal william yard. Mar 30, 2022 604
Work gets under way on 13th Tesco store. Mar 26, 2022 408
Barbican shop reopens as flapjack emporium; POPULAR TAVISTOCK STORE TO OPEN UP IN CITY. Mar 26, 2022 503
Former city centre boss Jon returns; NEW WATERFRONT BID BOSS SAID HE 'ALWAYS REGRETTED LEAVING'. Mar 25, 2022 449
Dance crew marks 20 years; BEAT-BREAKERS MARK TWO DECADES OF STREET DANCE. Mar 25, 2022 383
The Box aims to put culture at heart of city life; museum's new boss reveals her vision. Mar 25, 2022 695
Sherford to get leisure centre with pool and hall; multi-million pound plan for plymouth's new town. Mar 24, 2022 424
Work is set to start on upgrade of Civic Square; PROJECT IS SCHEDULED TO BE COMPLETED EARLY NEXT YEAR. Mar 24, 2022 489
Artists to bring new life to city's empty shops; scheme will see exhibitions and light installations. Mar 24, 2022 410
Firms left disappointed by mini-Budget pledges; 'THIS IS A BUDGET FOR TOMORROW WHEN CRISIS IS TODAY'. Mar 24, 2022 545
Spiderman swings to the rescue; MULTIPLEX CINEWORLD'S FORTUNES HELPED BY NEW SPIDERMAN MOVIE. Mar 23, 2022 610
Flats plan for empty store building in city; FORMER DEBENHAMS SITE IS SET FOR MIXED-USE FUTURE. Mar 22, 2022 684
Case for freeport is set to be submitted; PS400m to be pumped in local economy and 3,500 new jobs. Mar 22, 2022 508
Appeal for more funds for legal aid rates of pay; LAW SOCIETY PRESIDENT HAS PLEA ON VISIT TO PLYMOUTH. Mar 22, 2022 467
Six-storey car park to be built at train station; scheme is part of PS80m transformation of station. Mar 21, 2022 437
Reel to reopen as music venue; art deco building to be preserved in scheme. Mar 19, 2022 471
Firm forks out to prevent pollution; PS10m to ease housing impact on rivers. Mar 19, 2022 473
City dental practice is unable to fill vacancies. Mar 18, 2022 547
Ferry firm steers clear of P&O strife. Mar 18, 2022 409
Artists unite for Ukraine aid gig; wonderzoo 'peace event' for victims. Mar 17, 2022 444
Vietnamese cuisine comes to William Yard; trendy street food chain to open in melville building. Mar 16, 2022 476
Towns are urged to be 'less identikit' crucial to recovery of high streets in digital fight-back. Mar 16, 2022 506
Resort hotel speeds up expansion plans; FINE DINING AND GOLF COURSE ARE AMONG SITE ATTRACTIONS. Mar 16, 2022 747
Record number of jobs up for grabs as firms seek staff; demand for teachers, health workers. Mar 16, 2022 476
Views sought on lorry access to reopened mine; PLYMPTON AREA RESIDENTS EXPRESS RESERVATIONS. Mar 15, 2022 639
'Ghost' block of student flats set to finally open; PS11m deal will see students move in for september term. Mar 12, 2022 631
Hearts are breaking for families and friends in warzone; UKRAINIAN STUDENTS PRAISE PUBLIC AND APPEAL FOR AID. Mar 12, 2022 971
Mining firm needs to use more lorries. Mar 11, 2022 358
Warning about cyber attacks. Mar 11, 2022 250
Ferry service routes to reopen; BRITTANY FERRIES BACK TO FULL OPERATIONS BY SUMMER. Mar 10, 2022 438
Hotel builders record a loss of almost PS500k; deficit revealed amid project delays. Mar 9, 2022 501
Midas: ex-directors speak out; former directors highlight 'sickening' plight of local subcontractors owed PS22 million. Mar 9, 2022 554
Helicopter blew woman over in earlier 'near miss' DOWNDRAFT KNOCKED WOMAN, 75, TO GROUND. Mar 9, 2022 544
Former home of Arts Centre is up for auction; NEW PLAN FOR SITE AFTER CITY COUNCIL SNUBS PROPOSAL. Mar 7, 2022 445

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