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VMRO-DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski writes in his column in Nezavisen vesnik that the Agreement with Greece is the worst agreement that Macedonia could get. His opinion is that Zaev and Dimitrov signed everything that Greece has asked from us: change of our name, change of the Constitution, textbooks, symbols, codes etc. Since the referendum on the name is part of the process, Nikoloski also refers to that issue, believing that Zaev has several options: the first is to organize the so-called referendum in general; the second is to organize the so-called consultative referendum where it does not require a 50 percent census plus one vote, but is considered successful if half of those who go to the polls vote "for". The third is the so-called a mandatory referendum, but without respecting a necessary 50 percent plus one vote census, because Zaev already said that he will respect the will of those who went out to vote. At the end of his column, Nikoloski makes clear that VMRO-DPMNE will not participate: "Here I want to delete the illusions of anyone who thinks that VMRO-DPMNE can be an accomplice in such a dirty scenario for deceiving the will of the people".

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Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
Date:Jul 6, 2018
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