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Your odds get better the younger you are, data shows MORE than 8.4 million people alive today will live until their 100th birthday, new figures have revealed - including nearly a quarter of kids under the age of 10.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that the younger you are, the better your chances of getting the famous telegram from the Queen for reaching 100.

Your odds are significantly better if you're female, too. More than 14 of out every 100 women alive will reach the milestone, compared to 11 out of 100 males.

Figures show an estimated 196,600 babies out of 782,450 born this year - or 25.1 out of 100 - will reach the 100-year-old milestone.

There are 107,000 girls out of the 380,820 who'll live to 2077 - compared with 89,600 boys out of 401,630.

Those aged under 10 will see more than 24 in every 100 people their age survive until they turn 100.

Children between the ages of 10 and 19 will see more than 20 in 100 people live until the ripe old age of a century.

an estimated 100 babies born live to The number of people surviving until the age of 100 decreases as the current age of the population goes up.

More than 16 people out of every 100 in their twenties will live until they're 100 - or 1.5m out of 8.8m.

The figure drops to just over 13 people in every 100 in their thirties who'll manage to do the same.

This age range sees the biggest difference in men and women living until 100.

There'll be 669,200 women out of 4.3m who'll reach the milestone - compared with 473,600 men out of 4.3m.

25.1 out of in 2017 will 100.

This means a massive 195,600 more women in their thirties will turn 100 than men.

Just 10 in every 100 people aged between 40 and 49 will live until they're 100 - meaning there'll be 878,200 birthday parties out of a potential 8.7m.

More women until the milestone Some eight in 100 people aged between 50 and 59 will live at least 100 years - or 694,000 out of 8.7m.

Just 422,040 from a total 7.2m people in their sixties will live until 100 - 5.9 in every 100 people.

Only 5.1 people in every 100 aged between 70 and 79 will survive until 100 while fewer than 5 aged between 80 to 89 will survive until the same age.

survive 100-year than men.

By the time you've made it to your nineties 13.3 people in every 100 will survive until they're 100 - the same rate as those who are in their thirties. But the statistical explanation for this is that they have less time than other age ranges do to reach 100 - with some having to wait just under a year.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 4, 2018
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