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WI Legislators Propose Changes to Ethanol Grant Program.

Government officials in Wisconsin recently reported that state representative Steve Freese and state senator Sheila Harsdorf have introduced a proposal calling for modifications to Wisconsin's Ethanol Producers Grant Program.

Under the current program, officials said ethanol producers, who are eligible for government grants during the first five years of production, have faced prorated payments and "uncertain payment schedules" as a result of decreased state funding.

Officials noted that the Freese-Harsdorf proposal calls for the elimination of the requirement to prorate payments and the appropriation of "various amounts on a sliding scale over an ethanol plant's first eight years of production."

"Wisconsin's developing ethanol industry is important to our rural economy," said Freese. "In order to retain existing ethanol producers and attract new ones, we need to offer incentives that will ensure the ethanol industry is strong in Wisconsin for years to come."


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Publication:Alternative Transportation Fuels Today
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Date:Dec 9, 2003
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