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Byline: Yvette Cooper

WOMEN are even angrier than men about this outrageous Budget.

And little wonder. Thanks to David Cameron and George Osborne, millionaires will get massive tax breaks while millions of women lose out.

First they hit mums by cutting tax credits and Sure Start, then they pushed more and more women out of work and now grans are the target. Families are really stretched.

One in five mothers skips a meal to feed her kids and 30,000 women have given up work because of childcare costs. Cameron has a real blind spot about women's lives. The Government takes twice as much money from women as men to get the deficit down, even though women still earn less and own less than men. Yet what was his priority for this Budget? Giving millions of pounds to the richest men in Britain. In Parliament, Cameron's response to women was "calm down, dear." But they won't - they'll get angrier and angrier till this unfair government changes track.


FURIOUS: Yyvette blasts Cameron
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 25, 2012
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