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WHO'S THE DADDY?; Even the legends fail to save this wrestling game.


Legends of Wrestling II (PlayStation 2, Acclaim) The first Legends of Wrestling game showed a lot of promise but did not quite cut it in the face of stiff opposition.

It had the graphics, the wrestlers and the moves but sadly lacked the gameplay.

I really wanted to like this second instalment because of its choice of retro wrestlers like Shirley Crabtree - aka Big Daddy.

Yes, as I placed the silver disc into the machine I envisaged re-living those Saturday afternoons from the 1980s watching ITV's World of Sport. But it spectacularly fails to deliver.

In LoW2 you can become one of over 60 wrestlers from around the world. You'll have to wrestle in basic one-on-one matches, three and four-way matches, cage matches and ladder matches. You do not have to participate in any tag team matches, though.

But despite the vast choice of wrestlers, you quicklyrealise they have nearly all the same moves.

And the opposition is so tough that it takes hours of practice to complete a simple special move.

Graphically, the PS2 version does not compare with the other console versions on the market. This game is just a waste of opportunities - especially on the retro front and is really only worth a rental.

Graphics ........... 6/10 Sound ............. 6/10 Gameplay .......... 4/10 Overall ............. 5/10RACING EVOLUZIONE (X-Box, Infogrames) TO say this game is highly disappointing is an understatement! The graphics are okay and the controls are good but this game is just terrible to play.

The reason? You can be racing along quite happily and then, just as you try to overtake the very fast opposition, you might nudge their car with the end result of spinning off at high speed and the other competitors leaving you for dead.

It's a shame because there are some great cars to race in this game. Here's to RE2 then. 5/10BATTLE ENGINE AQUILA (PlayStation 2, Infogrames) THIS is another Mech shooting game. And while there seems to be a proliferation of robot-style games on the market at the moment, this is one of the better ones. The plot is silly but if you ignore that and concentrate on the gameplay, it's a treat.

The robot you control can turn into a plane at the drop of hat, like a Transformer. So instead of getting shot to pieces as your Mech slowly turns to face his foe, you can quickly evade danger.

The controls are easy and the graphics are ace. 9/10


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Date:Mar 30, 2003
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