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Light up the sky with a spectacular fireworks extravaganza from the comfort of your back garden. Whether you've got a small backyard or plenty of space, we've got the fireworks to make your party a glittering success. From sparklers to boxes packed FAMILY FAVOURITES to showstoppers for a grand finale, there's a stack of deals to suit every budget. We've even given the fireworks a boom factor out of five so you know noisy they''ll be. Just take your pick - and remember, remember the Fifth of November!

available until 10TH NOVEMBER GIANT GOLD SPARKLERS At 18in long, these are ideal for big kids of all ages and last up to two minutes. PS1.69 Boom factor: 1 MEGA BLASTER A value-for-money set of 19 fireworks comprising four Roman candles, 14 fountains and a Catherine wheel. PS9.99 Boom factor: 2 ASTRO There are almost 15 minutes of fireworks fun in this little box of tricks. It contains 10 fountains, three Roman candles, one Catherine wheel and a finale mine. PS4.99 Boom factor: 2 GOLD SPARKLERS Children will love creating patterns in the air with these 10in sparklers. With seven per pack, they're only 6.6p each PS1.39 Boom factor: 1 MERLIN Ideal for younger families as there's plenty of colourful action without the ear-splitting noises. The box includes 11 fountains, five Roman candles, four rockets and two Catherine wheels. PS19.99 Boom factor: 2 GEMINI Everything you need for a mini-display, with six long-lasting fountains, two multi-shots, two rockets, five Roman candles, one Catherine wheel and a finale aerial mine. PS14.99 Boom factor: 3 BLASTING BARREL Lives up to its name, erupting with high silver plumes which change colour accompanied by loud crackling white flashes. PS9.99 Boom factor: 4 POWER FINALE There are 25 spectacular shots of red, white and green umbrellas in the cube. It''s the daddy of the display. PS19.99 Boom factor: 4 POWER STORM A breathtaking, quick-fire 100 shots which reach 50 to 60 feet high and whistle as they burst into red, silver and green stars. An assault on the eyes and ears, it's a dazzling way to end your party. PS9.99 Boom factor: 4 GHOSTY Older children will love the way this starts with an eerie whistling howl before becoming a stunning red, white and silver display of sparkling plumes. PS4.99 Boom factor: 3 AIR STRIKE A glorious mixed-colour flower-burst effect with the rockets reaching up to 80 metres. There are five each of giant, large, medium and small. PS19.99 Boom factor: 3 ROCKET TO 'EM JET BLAST Fourteen flashing, crackling rockets that soar to 70 metres with five large, five medium and four small ones. PS9.99 Boom factor: 3 STAR RIDER Whizzier than your average rocket. Keep your eyes on the sky and watch them zoom and explode into a myriad of colours. PS6.99 Boom factor: 2 BE SAFE NOT SORRY ALWAYS FOLLOW THE FIREWORK CODE Only buy fireworks that comply with the requirements of BS7114:1988 or BS EN 15947:2010 Don't drink alcohol if setting off fireworks Keep fireworks in a closed box Follow the instructions on each firework Light them at arm's length using a taper Stand well back Never go near a firework that has been lit, even if it hasn't gone off, it could still explode Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them Always supervise children around fireworks Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves Never give sparklers to a child under five Keep pets indoors 11pm is the latest time to set off fireworks during the year, but exceptions are: New Year's Eve 1am November 5th 12am Diwali Night 1am Chinese New Year 1am All fireworks adhere to the BS7114 British Standard or BS EN 15947:2010 and are made by the world''s largest manufacturer of retail brand fireworks
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