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 WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Following are statements by the CEOs of Ford (NYSE: F), General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Chrysler (NYSE: C) at a White House program announcing an historic new partnership aimed at strengthening U.S. competitiveness through the development of automotive technologies.
 Statement by Harold A. Poling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company, at a White House ceremony on the New Technology Initiative Announcement, Wednesday, Sept. 29:
 Thank you. Good morning, everyone. I'm pleased to join President Clinton, Vice President Gore, Chrysler and General Motors in making this important announcement.
 As significant as this undertaking is, I think what we are really talking about this morning is trust. Trust in our abilities to work together. Trust in our scientists and engineers. Trust in our determination to make progress.
 Enormous strides in cooperative research have taken place in the past several years. Government and industry -- particularly the auto manufacturers and their suppliers, some of whom are with us today -- are now working together on issues where there are common interests and objectives. And it is being done without compromising our basic competitiveness in the marketplace.
 It wasn't always like that. Not too long ago, we regarded government as an adversary, and government felt the same way about us. Now, we're starting to work jointly to find more ways to improve our nation's economy and our own competitiveness ... and meet national goals.
 This partnership will push the theoretical limits of energy efficiency, and there's no promise that the desired technologies will be found. But the opportunity for making this leap forward is unprecedented.
 In today's world, rapid development of technology is essential to meet the many challenges industry and our nation face today. These include international competition and meeting the stringent regulatory standards that are designed to address a broad range of social concerns.
 But by working together on this extremely ambitious project, government and industry offer the best chance of achieving the necessary breakthroughs.
 It's no exaggeration to say that today's announcement shows the kind of progress we've made in cooperating with one another ... and the kind of cooperation I hope we can expand upon in the future.
 If we succeed, and I'm hopeful that we will, it will be because we believed in and trusted each other ... and had the conviction to devote the best resources that our scientists and laboratories have to offer.
 Thank you.
 Statement by General Motors President and CEO John F. Smith Jr. on the Government/Auto Industry's Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles announced Sept. 29:
 Thank you very much. On behalf of everyone at General Motors, it is a great pleasure for me to be here today.
 It is not every day that someone comes to a White House ceremony like this to speak of revolution. But that's really why we're here this morning. Revolutions take many forms and differ in their consequences, but the one we're talking about today has the potential of providing significant benefits for everyone involved -- especially future generations.
 The revolution that has brought us together this morning seeks nothing less than a major, even radical breakthrough in automotive technology which can dramatically increase fuel efficiency, improve safety, and reduce emissions -- while maintaining the affordability, performance and utility of current comparable vehicles. Simply put, we are proposing a whole new class of car we've never seen before ... one that will break through our paradigms of today and challenge our technical and creative thinking as never before.
 We know that our objective of developing a car that meets these goals -- with fuel efficiency up to three times better than today's comparable car -- is reaching not just for the moon, but for the stars. This new program will bring new energy and excitement to our industry and will help unlock some of the doors that may lead to fuel cells, advanced hybrids, and other technologies needed to meet these ambitious goals.
 It's a program that should grip the imagination of every engineer, scientist, manufacturer, journalist, and -- in fact -- everyone who cares about cars.
 Crucial to this revolution is the way in which we plan to achieve it -- through partnership and cooperation rather than the old "command and control" adversarial approach of the past. This new approach is long overdue. By working together, we can do a better job of focusing our resources on the breakthroughs needed for real progress in the months and years ahead.
 Progress through partnership is a fresh, new and very welcomed way of coordinating and focusing our national efforts to achieve the technological breakthroughs that can make regulatory interventions irrelevant and make our industry more competitive internationally.
 This new way, to be successful, replaces confrontation with trust and moves away from assigning blame to sharing credit. Our industry must do its part to see that we do not miss this great opportunity to revolutionize our relationship with government. It will take the best efforts and resources of both the industry and the government to make this happen.
 The difficulties and obstacles confronting this revolution should not be underestimated, and our expectations should be realistic. But the potential benefits for the environment and for safety, and especially for future generations of Americans, make this initiative exciting, important and compelling.
 We salute the leadership of the President and the Vice President in bringing together industry and government for this important initiative. And General Motors is very pleased to be involved in what promises to be a truly exciting partnership.
 Statement by Robert J. Eaton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler Corporation, on the Government/Auto Industry's Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles announced Sept. 29:
 Mr. President. Mr. Vice President.
 The current political debate is dominated by NAFTA and health care reform. Those are critical issues -- no doubt about it.
 But in its own way, the program we're embarking on today could prove to be every bit as important. Its contributions to the environment and energy conservation could match the contributions of NAFTA to our economic well-being, and health care reform to our physical and social well-being.
 It won't be easy. The task before us is huge. We're trying to develop a whole new generation of vehicles that will achieve up to three times the energy efficiency of today's cars and trucks -- while offering the same or improved levels of utility, safety and affordability. To reach that ambitious goal will require major breakthroughs in technology, and there are no guarantees that we can do it.
 Our progress will be measured in inches, not in miles. But all of us here today believe that dramatic progress will be made. We're willing to do the hard work and make the investments in order to succeed.
 And most important, we're going to do it together -- industry and government as partners, not as adversaries. We're putting aside, hopefully forever, the distrust that for too long has marked our relationship and impeded the kind of progress that is essential for America to be competitive. Other countries of the world, including our toughest competitors, don't operate this way. And it is about time we chose cooperation over confrontation, too.
 The displays you see here represent only the beginning of what that cooperation can bring -- because we are for the first time combining the energy and talents of the experts in the national laboratories and the engineers in the automotive industry.
 We are going to push every aspect of vehicle technology to its limit -- from lighter materials to new powertrain concepts. And, hopefully, the incremental improvements we make along the way will lead to the revolutionary breakthroughs we're all searching for.
 This is an exciting program, a national challenge. And Chrysler is proud to be a part of it. Thank you.
 -0- 9/29/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: A copy of the full press kit used at the White House announcement program is available by fax on request by calling Karen Lemieux at USCAR, 313-248-4298./
 /CONTACT: Bill Day of Ford, 202-962-5366; Bill Noack of General

Motors, 202-775-5008; or John Guiniven of Chrysler, 202-862-5409/
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