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WhereScape has introduced WhereScape RED, the company's flagship automation software that is optimized to fully leverage the massively parallel processing (MPP) power of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System. Available immediately, WhereScape RED for Analytics Platform System requires fewer resources to model, build and deploy a data warehouse or analytic system, creating a simplified infrastructure and dramatically reducing total cost of ownership.

The Microsoft Analytics Platform System is a turnkey big data analytics appliance, combining Microsoft's massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse technologythe SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse together with Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Microsoft's 100 percent Apache Hadoop distribution, and delivering it as a turnkey appliance.

WhereScape RED builds native database objects optimized for Analytics Platform System, as well as target database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata, and can extract data from OLTP systems, flat files and big data platforms such as Hadoop Hive. WhereScape RED enables practitioners to access source data from multiple environments, create procedural code, scripts, and tables, build cubes, schedule updates, and generate documentation in HTML format, all while maintaining existing BI front-end compatibility.

Organizations are struggling to integrate conventional data sources and big data into purpose-built platforms for enterprise data warehousing and advanced analytics, said John Myers, Managing Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). WhereScape RED is well suited to enhance Microsoft APS, enabling organizations to effectively manage their hybrid data ecosystems consisting of both traditional RDMBS, Hadoop, and other big data sources, Myers said.

WhereScape RED for Microsoft Analytics Platform System Highlights

- Optimized code generation automatically applies APS best practices - Eliminates hand coding through intuitive, easy-to-use GUI - Integrated version and source control - Import data from any source - Manage APS tables directly, including distribution - Quickly create and populate dimensions and facts - Handle late-arriving data seamlessly - Manage surrogate and foreign keys automatically

WhereScape also develops and markets WhereScape RED for SQL Server, an end-to-end, data warehouse development environment optimized for SQL Server, including support for SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Microsoft APS was built to scale, integrate with data stored in Hadoop, and deliver the performance that meets near real-time requirements, said Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Data Platform Marketing at Microsoft. WhereScape RED complements APS and SQL Server and will help our customers accelerate their development cycles to get into production faster.

A growing number of our customers are developing and deploying across a diverse, multi-tiered data warehouse infrastructure consisting of traditional databases and the myriad of new big data sourcesincluding Hadoop-- that are prevalent today, added WhereScape USA President Mark Budzinski. We provide APS customers a seamless, end-to-end experience for quickly developing and automating their data warehouse infrastructure as well as help maximize their use of it. WhereScape RED enables organizations to benefit from their data warehouse investment in less time and with less money while delivering fully documented implementations, Budzinski said.

About WhereScape

WhereScape designs, develops, sells and supports WhereScape 3D, the industry's first data warehouse discovery tool; and WhereScape RED, the industry's first and best integrated development environment for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses and analytic systems. WhereScape's products are used in every kind of today's commercial environment: from normal-form enterprise data warehouses and data vaults, through user access layers and tiers of dependent data marts, to standalone data marts and reporting systems.

More than 700 customers use WhereScape's products to build data warehouses with fewer people, fewer diversions, missed deadlines or unmet user expectations, and in days or weeks, instead of months or years. WhereScape has offices in Portland, Oregon; Auckland, New Zealand; and Reading, UK.

For more information, visit or call 503/701-4632.
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Date:Oct 1, 2015

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