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MANY CANADIAN SERVICE personnel won't be home for the holidays. As of last month, some members of our forces were deployed to the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific (Op CARIBBE), Central and South America (Op GLOBE), Norway (Ex TRIDENT JUNCTURE), Indonesia (Op RENAISSANCE 2018), Central and Eastern Europe (Op REASSURANCE), Kosovo (Op KOBOLD) and Mali (Op PRESENCE). We are thinking of them and for those others who, because of the call of duty, are unable to be "home for Christmas"

Les Peate is a Korean War veteran and author based in Ottawa. If you have news you'd like included, write to

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Caption: Canadians flew in US service over Korea in equipment like this F-86 Sabre.

Caption: Spare a thought for our Forces personnel abroad this holiday season. These are members of our enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia on Ops REASSURANCE (combat camera rp18-2018-0124-021)

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Title Annotation:VETERANS NEWS & VIEWS; deployment of Canadian service personnel during the holidays
Author:Peate, Les
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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