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Pull out the dead outer leaves of phormium and divide congested clumps.

Give topiary the first clip of the year.

Prune ornamental currant (ribes) after flowering to control their size and vigour.

Trim back the dead flower heads on winter-flowering heathers.

Sow parsley, dill, coriander and thyme.

Continue to seed or over-sow thin and worn areas of the lawn.

Push fertiliser pellets into the compost of established water lilies and other aquatic plants growing in baskets.

If frost is forecast, cover plants on greenhouse staging with sheets of horticultural fleece, removing them in the morning.

Take cuttings from new growth of dahlias and fuchsias in the greenhouse.

Watch for slugs and snails, right, around young perennials like lupins and be particularly vigilant after rain, picking them off by hand.


Time to sow coriander
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